Learning a Foreign Language


Our friend, NickW, returns to us on this day. I didn’t mention in the last comic featuring him that he is an Australian. That is a very important thing to remember as you read this. Although, I guess it is pretty obvious because I keep mentioning it throughout our chat. Anyway, one of my favorite things (on certain days — other days I am tired and I get aggravated) is to explore the differences in our English language. There are a lot of dumb, needless differences! It is amazing that we can communicate at all.

This comic is a two-parter, also!! How exciting. On a totally different day, he foreign-languaged at me and diffused my anger immediately by confusing and troubling me. Classic Nick Woods. Also, don’t worry. He doesn’t always talk like this. I guess they can intensify their wording when they want to. These were rare times for us all.

off we go

hooly dooly


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