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The Sneer Campaign is a collection of people hailing from around the world. It was founded in the early spring of 2015 by Dollissa and Amandoll, two dolls who don’t even really like dolls, unless they’re made of paper of course. Appearing occasionally in our content are our various friends that are delightful in their unique snowflake ways.

We do all share similar traits too. For instance, we all believe in the goodness of Mr. Rogers, Carl Sagan, Peter Falk, and Secretariat the Famous Racehorse. (Or maybe some of them just go along with it because they’re tired of our constant proselytizing.) We enjoy quips, gossip, and delicious levels of cattiness. We are, all of us, deeply taken with the art of conversation. We never stop talking. Never.

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Sneer Core


dollissaDollissa is a very small person who now lives in Covington, KY. Even though she is short and perpetually caffeinated, she is remarkably calm and even quiet. This is because she hates most noises and also movement. Her interests include: bees, honey, Cardi B, reading reading reading books, talking to Amandoll, consuming tea and coffee, and watching tv shows and movies on the Internet.

On here, her duties involve caring for the technical aspects of the site, managing our calendars and products, and writing articles. She actually has a day job, which consists mostly of sneering.

Contact her: sneercampaign+dollissa@gmail.com
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Amandoll is one of those artistic types. Originally hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, she now happily lives in the Sneer HQ, in Covington, which is pretty much still Cincinnati. She is an avid waster of time who strongly believes that there is no such thing as wasting time. Sometimes she finds herself in the throes of powerful bouts of productivity which is fortunate because she currently has a thousand projects. Amandoll loves the past, the future, earth, plague doctors, and an eclectic selection of music.

On this site, she draws all the pictures, makes the comics, creates all of the store content, and writes a fair amount.

Contact her: nevernotamanda@gmail.com
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Junior Sneerists


Saxon is from Adelaide, Australia. She enjoys wordplay, pop culture, excellent music, social issues, and pithy remarks. A constant source of article ideas, poems, pronoun thoughts, delight, and comedy. There was no one better at SnapChat Humor. Of course that is definitely in the past tense because who even uses SnapChat anymore? STILL: FUNNY.

Saxon is excellent for distracting us with syncing television shows together.


Daniel Haun is a tall man from the mountainous regions of Tennessee. A lifelong vegetarian, he seems to be a gentle sort, interested in such things as observational humor, crackpot theories, and basic mental health. He had some terrible, prolonged health issues for a while, but is hopefully coming out of it, stronger and wiser than ever before. He writes for us partially because he wants to, and partially because he cannot stop himself.


bholeBilly Holiday is a Southerner. Currently, he makes his home in North Carolina. Billy’s interests lie in professional wrasslin, horror films of all kinds, old video games, gossip, and laughing too hard at mean remarks made during casual conversation. His role on this site is to yammer on about HIS day like some bitter old man eternally sitting in front of an old general store.

Of course, that is pretty much exactly what he is.


omgjOMGJeremy of Indianapolis used to have his own site when the internet was new and meaner. In fact, his site used to be the home of Amandoll, Billy, Haun, and Cchris! On here, he mostly lets us use his old articles that aren’t about video games (you can see those at Retrovania) or Hentai (you can’t see those anywhere, thankfully).

Since he lives relatively nearby, he visits the Sneer HQ with some regularity.


 Also Starring


cchrisCChris is a perpetual mystery who is rumored to live somewhere in Canada. He mostly exists to make snide comments, perplex Amandoll daily, and inspire us by the hour. His persona is the foundation on which this entire site was built. He rarely contributes directly.


alextAlexT casts his sneers all the way from London, England. He has far-flung, wide-ranging interests and watches many documentaries. Has been known to go on adventures with us. His conversation skillz are top-notch.


tonyanaTonyana is a professional tarot reader out of Cincinnati who provides us with monthly tarotscopes and is our mystical adviser on all matters. You are encouraged to use her services here.


jimmyJimmy O’Brien is a denizen of New Jersey, but not Newark. He is a legitimate real life Pokémon Master with multiple trophies, accolades, and championship title belts. He is a living legend.


tree fairyLisa is the newest somewhat-frequent writer for the site. She lives in the Sneer Headquarters with us in Covington, KY. She enjoys music, comics, pop culture entertainment, cons (not criminal cons), and going on road trips.