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We love this show, we do. We all know that life is television, but let’s flip it. Life may be like a TV show, like our frequently-used tag likes to say, but sometimes tv is like a life. MY life. Welcome to my new series, readers.

The second season of One Day at a Time is up on Netflix, and just like last season, Gloria Calderon Kellet and Mike Royce have done a really excellent job. The Alvarez (Riera?) family shows up to their son’s baseball game with containers full of food, a giant Cuban flag to wave, and SO much energy. At the same time, Elena has a conversation with Schneider about how she doesn’t know much Spanish. Right off the bat in season 2, I was completely sucked into what was essentially my real life.

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I’m not sure if spit takes were ever actually very common on television or if they became infamous without being ubiquitous. But I feel like they were common! I would find it hard to believe that I have seen so many by only watching what I happen to love. So my question is, where are they now?

They are a decent enough comedy tool, great if executed well. You’d have some trouble finding a cartoon without one, I think. But it’s more rare, or seems that way, to see a live human spraying their drink out in laughter.


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One Day At A Time was originally a show in the 1970s about a family in Indianapolis. A recently divorced mother of three and her daughters, take things, well, one day at a time. Basically. I’ve never seen that version though, sorry.

This new iteration, brought to us of course by Netflix, King of Television, features the most adorable Cuban family and an opening theme by Gloria Estefan! So far it’s just one season, with 13 half-hour episodes. Rather than three daughters, the main character Penelope Alvarez has two children, a son and a daughter. She also has her mother living with them, Lydia, played by Rita Moreno, a hilarious, nervous Catholic abuelita.



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One of the best television shows just came back for Season 2 last night, and if you don’t have an ancient tv set and missed it, don’t worry! It is The Internet Age and Difficult People can only be seen on Hulu. (If you don’t have Hulu, just figure it out. It’s important!)

The overlords at Hulu were kind enough to release two episodes to us at once, to satisfy our bingeing and masturbatory needs. Right off the bat, the first episode satisfies. A mere 2 minutes in, there are references to both Anne Hathaway and the Holocaust. And thus begins our Difficult Journey.

Difficult People Season 2 by Amanda Wood


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If you haven’t seen this year’s best new show, and Hulu’s very first actually good original show, go to Hulu right now and start watching Difficult People. The show has 8 episodes so far, as of this post. It is already renewed for a second season, because all is right in the world. However, today’s post is this season’s finale. Here’s to Difficult People!

Difficult People by Amanda Wood

The show stars Billy Eichner as Billy Epstein and Julie Klausner as Julie Kessler. They talk about pop culture and are fiercely loyal to one another, as friends should do and be. It seems like nothing in the world is more important to them than posting online and hanging out with each other. Billy Eichner is one of my favorite comedians. I love everything about him. When the show was first announced, I was pretty much already obsessed. Julie Klausner is not someone I had previously known about, but now I love her too.

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We know you miss Broad City as much as we do and can’t wait for whenever it starts again, so we’re here to help.

Whether your favorite ┬ápart of this scene was Abbi’s remarkable Drew Barrymore impression, the blood leaking from her mouth, or Ilana’s weed delivery to their moving taxi, we hope this satisfies all your Broad City needs. Every single one of them.

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