Sure, the Sneer Campaign is the Sun and the Moon, but did you know that we are also all the stars in the sky? Of course you knew! It’s written in your heart. And now it is also written in this soon to be award-winning content which you are now reading in your eyes. Next time you are trapped outdoors just turn your eyes to the skies. If it’s not too cloudy out, we’ll help you find some legendary and practically unknown constellations up there. Find a nice grassy spot with few trees, so you can look right up, and follow our guide.



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Haha “minutes.” Who am I kidding? I have only had this game for a few days and it feels like I have done little else. Like Alphabears before it, Disco Bees is my game of choice for idling away my time as tick tock this time will never come back to me. Unlike Alphabears, there is very little about this game that feels like a brain exercise, though, so I can’t pretend to feel good about it.

I was compelled to get this app because something that combined bees, the best of insects, with disco, the most hilarious of music, had to be good. And it IS good. Sort of. You just match bees and achieve goals and try to reach a three gold star rating because why not. They provide you with a soundtrack of an eternal disco-like song. Game play lasts until you run out of lives for a session, which might take a hundred hours to do. Several times already, I have stopped playing due to fatigue. I didn’t know apps let that happen. I thought they were all designed to make you want to pay real human money in order to play just a little while longer. I’m not sure if I am complaining with this observation, but it does unsettle me somewhat.

After the first ten minutes, by the way, you will become fatigued with its soundtrack, which is repetitive and bland. It is disco in the loosest sense of the word: its beats tepid and uninspired, its tune unremarkable. It is the sort of disco a saltine cracker might make if it was forced to do so while in a state of great ennui. This music is an insult to bees everywhere! I’m a kind soul, however, and have taken it upon myself to recommend some music to play loudly while Disco Bee-ing.

disco bees

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As someone who now has belonged to subscription services for: nail polish, condiments, wine, fresh ingredients for meals, and snacks, I thought maybe I had subscribed to some pretty ridiculous ones. I figured that pretty much anything can be one of these services now, so I have created some ideas that should come true.

Subscription Services

These subscriptions in general are addictive! Watch out: one of the above things listed is one I only signed up for while researching for this post.

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It’s honeybee swarm season! What does that mean? That it’s springtime! And almost summer. And that if you see a honeybee swarm, don’t be scared! They are just finding a new home and won’t hurt you, probably. (Sneer Campaign can not guarantee that you will never get stung by a bee.)

Bee Music by Amanda Wood

Here at Sneer Campaign we are fond of bees. Bees are the little musical friends of the sky, zipping around and softly buzzing through the summer breeze. They spend their time bringing us flowers and produce, as a byproduct of their tasty pollen diet. I’m sure we’ve all seen Bee Movie, so there’s no need to explain that bees run the world.

Over the years (yes, years!) we have compiled our favorite bee songs. Songs about bees, songs that mention bees, songs that remind us of bees, and even a few songs about honey. We hope that you enjoy them. We recommend sipping on an iced tea, relaxing with a cat, and staring up at the trees and clouds while you listen. Just kidding! Have a coffee.

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