Some lucky people are staying home from work, everyone is remembering another instance where indigenous people suffered, families are eagerly awaiting a new coloring page to color together – that’s right, it’s another Monday-observed holiday, but this one is wonderful!

Columbo Day is when families gather around their televisions to marathon-watch episodes ofColumbo on Netflix, YouTube, or from your personal collection of the complete ColumboDVDs! We are slowly introducing the newest tradition over the next twenty-four years: the Columbo Discovers America coloring book, one page released per year. This is the third, highly anticipated page.

Spoiler: In the end, America actually discovers Columbo, and everyone’s lives are improved dramatically. Happy coloring! Click to enlarge the picture and for printing!

color it

On January 9, 1859,  a remarkable baby was born. Well. It was probably a fairly normal baby, but then it grew into being a remarkable and bold lady. Carrie Chapman Catt founded the League of Women Voters and International Alliance of Women. She knew what was right, and knew what was stupid, and was unafraid to let it be known that she knew. By all accounts, Ms. Catt was intelligent, strong, and self-confident, and refused to follow conventions that seemed ridiculous to her. This means that she is an ideal model of a woman – of a human being of any gender – and we should all look up to her. And we should all print out this free coloring page and color it.

just color it

This bestie of Susan B. Anthony was great at organization and had grand ideals concerning dignity, world peace, and things of that nature. The League of Women Voters still exists and we will probably join, or at least support their endeavors in some ways – like letting you know about it and by giving you coloring pages. It would appear that we do not have the organizational abilities of this woman, our newest hero. Our newest role model. Color!

Julia Roberts, widely-acclaimed actress, came to Sneer Studio to be illustrated in her true form. The jackal-faced god of death has been enjoying a more relaxed schedule in recent years, only starring in select films that she finds intriguing or otherwise worth her while. Dividing her time between California and the underworld, when Ms. Roberts isn’t being seen at events dressed in stunning fashions, she is leading souls to be judged fairly. Today, she has chosen to wear a simple yet stylish traditional wrap and sensible pumps.

by amandoll

Hedda Hopper was a true Sneer Queen. She was known primarily for her caustic wit and her outrageous hats, which would fit her nicely into our crew. Her gossip column was well-known, and vicious, but she also starred in well over 100 movies! She knew famous people and used it against them. She had feuds with other columnists and was even kicked in the butt by Spencer Tracy over some gossip!

She was so great that she even accepted a joke valentine of a skunk gracefully. Probably the only gossip columnist with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star, Hedda surely made a name for herself in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

hedda hopper


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