Our posts are late because since she arrived back from Australia, Dollissa has been in a crumpled heap somewhere on the East Coast. She has not made it back to HQ, but we found this journal in her drafts.



Hour 1: The plane is full. Planes usually are. The first flight is scheduled to be 15 hours. I take a deep breath, buckle my seat belt as shown in the probably unnecessary demonstration of how to buckle your seat belt, and settle in. I mean not really, there’s no room to settle.

Hour 2: We were already given drinks. I’m afraid to drink it because I’ll have to use the bathroom, but I do anyway so that I don’t die of dehydration. It’s water.

Hour 3: I’ve been scolded twice for trying to use my phone on the plane. Apparently it’s a Chinese rule that you can’t use mobile devices on an aircraft, which is contrary to any flight I’ve ever been on. Goodbye, Spotify.

Hour 4: My notebook isn’t writing in itself, so I put it in my lap with the pen. It’s time to try to nod off angrily, but I can’t sleep unless my head is slammed into something and my hands are in little fists. I eat a minuscule airplane meal and try again.


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It’s a different kind of life, when you’re obsessed with Amandoll. There is a lot of upkeep and foresight and you have to plan certain things well in advance to make sure you have enough time to obsess. You have to make sure she tells you everything going on and you have to make sure that she knows every detail of your day. You need to surround yourself in all things Amandoll.

Since it’s Amandoll week, I have recorded this entry in my diary for you all, so that you can see the work that goes into it. So that you can see that Amandoll is my morning and my evening, the cream in my coffee, my friend til the end.



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