August is Read a Romance Novel Month so we thought we’d sneak this one in right at the end!

Sneer Publishing is just around the corner, along with our other thousand new daily ideas. SP will debut with a box set of our first five romance novels that we’ll unleash to the world in a storm of paper and marketing. The box set will be limited edition, of course, with embossed covers and gilded page edges.

We won’t give too much away though, because we expect you to buy them at the full price of $749.99 for the set.

voodoo cupid

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We are not a religious bunch of people. We are barely even spiritual. I’d characterize us each as people who are interested in simply being good, maybe even beyond reproach. Maybe some of the Junior Sneerists just bump along, existing until inevitably dying and turning to dust. That is to say, this was all the case until we discovered some rubble that was once a temple. Within that rubble were complete sketches of how the temple once looked, and mostly-indecipherable texts describing the rituals and beliefs of the worshipers who once populated this place.

The temple may be a metaphor, but the religion is real: Sneerholicism


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I remember as a kid getting terribly sullen around this time of year because school was  about to start back up. A part of me still gets down when I see those first leaves start to turn crispy in August. It’s just a reminder of colder months around the corner and having to get down to business.

The Full Moon on the 7th will really drive home the need for personal success, for some it may be attained at any cost. Not too long after that on the 12th we have that tricky Mercury Retrograde which will last till September 5th. You have probably been feeling a bit out of sorts anyhow, since these things tend to affect us 10 days before and after. Triple check any work you put out, make sure everyone is on the same page, and expect hiccups regardless of your preparedness. On the 21st we have quite a treat in store… a solar  eclipse and a new moon!!! So now we will find ourselves rethinking some tough decisions, some of us will receive an epiphany, of sorts. Some of us may play the “bad guy” for the betterment of all. There may be some secrets that come out and light is shined on the darkness. With Uranus going retro too and staying strong well into January, there is bound to be upheavals on a grand scale. Try to look at it as an opportunity to redirect ourselves. And interestingly enough the Sun card in reverse is coming up for lots of signs, and it seems very fitting for this August.

time for em

As always, consider your Moon and Rising sign in addition to your Sun. What comes through for each sign is general. If you wish to have a more personalized reading, please hit my name in the sidebar which should take you to my Etsy shop or message me on my FB page Tarot By Tonyana.

Let’s see what August holds for us…


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Around here, we always have lofty goals. We always have had lofty goals! On one such occasion, cchris and I decided for about five minutes that our time would be best spent as a writing POWERHOUSE duo for writing romance novels. I mean, we are both experts, and we have big ideas that should be lucrative. As you can see in this comic, things were actually going incredibly well, and we should write a little of it every day and then release a line of romance novels on Amazon’s self-publishing services. Isn’t that the dream? Isn’t that the reality of thousands of people? Thousands of MILLIONAIRES from their author career paths they’ve chosen. God I mean look at how well I’m writing today!

Clearly this is the best destiny I’ve got going. Click the comic, if necessary.

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Just a blink of an eye and BOOM it’s July! There is a Capricorn Full Moon on the 9th, so it would be a prime time to let go of any festering issues with paternal figures in your life. It is a good month to sift through your memories and experiences. Focus on the ones that bring on happy tears and get rid of the ones you seem to torment yourself about. The New Moon on the 23rd will usher in some dramatic changes in true Leo Moon style. It is an excellent time to do something new like join a group or class and allowing yourself to shine on through these connections.

The 3 of Cups Reversed is coming in for lots of signs. So, it seems many of us will move on from one group of people and choose to change up associations a bit. Many of us will have to come to terms with a friend leaving the scene. It could be personal or professional, but it stirs up a bit of emotions regardless.


These are general Tarot readings I do for each sign. A dash of astrological happenings are scattered throughout. While it is likely you will look up your Sun sign, maybe consider your Moon and Rising, too. If you would like to book a more personal reading with me, it is best to visit me on my Facebook page Tarot By Tonyana and send a message or hit my name in Sneer’s sidebar, which should take you directly to my Etsy shop.
So let’s see what July has in store for us!!!


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I may idealize chickens. My grandparents had some when I was very young, and I have no negative memories associated with that time and apparently that’s all it takes for me to form an opinion that will never, ever change. But I can’t be wrong about this because clearly, all chickens are wonderful.

Now that we have the Sneer HQ, there has been talk of maybe getting a few hens for the back yard. They could help us garden, I assume, and provide us with breakfast supplies. At the very least, there is a nearby park and community garden that has chickens on the premises, so I can visit them and listen to their inquisitive clucking as they ask who I am and why I am not throwing feed their way.Continue reading


The first documented instance of Dollissa Day was held in Sunrise, Florida, in 1986. Two cultures came together to celebrate this birth event of a teeny tiny Jewish-Puerto Rican baby who was no larger than a thimble. Her small size was a surprise to one and all because a C-section had been ordered. A humble granite marker will soon mark the operating room in which this miracle was performed, courtesy of the enthusiastic support of the entire population of the town.

Being an accomplished world traveler, several locations around the world have shrines dedicated to places where she has sat and complained, and to other places where she has fallen over and injured herself in seemingly impossible ways. From Natal to Las Vegas, including Turks and Caicos, Machu Picchu, Italy, and Israel, good people gather ’round to tell stories of her achievements, and boast of personal contact and interactions that they may have experienced.

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May sure flew by, and whatcha know it’s June. It is JUNE already! In the beginning of the month with Venus in Taurus from the 6th all the way until July 4th, Venus will be in Taurus. This gives you the green light to be more affectionate with those you care about and people you admire. Don’t go giving those hugs to just anyone though. Also considering that our communication planet Mercury is in Gemini for a good portion of the month (June 6-21) it would be wise to share your quick wit with the world. You may find that trivia games are especially popular this month. The Strawberry Full Moon happens on June 9th, so some things you started last month are “ripe for the pickins” now. The New Moon in Cancer on the 23rd is a great time to usher in a new way of connecting with family members.


It appears that The Magician is coming in for most signs this month. So it is safe to assume that we are more powerful than usual when it comes to attracting and manifesting our experiences. Do everything to make those experiences good ones. Often, that is just a simple turn of mind not to complain and be grateful instead.

These are general Tarot readings I do for each sign. A dash of astrological happenings are scattered throughout. While it is likely you will look up your Sun sign, maybe consider you Moon and Rising, too. If you would like to book a more personal reading with me, it is best to visit me on my Facebook page Tarot By Tonyana and send a message.

So let’s see what June holds for us.


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There are many kinds of mysteries in this confusing, mixed up world. We often find ourselves trapped in darkness, trying to solve a murder case, maybe, or seeking to understand what on the surface appears to be a supernatural phenomenon. Whole civilizations have been lost and we still don’t know why. Statues may weep tears of blood, drawing crowds of thousands of hopeful people, yearning to see a miracle.

Some mysteries are on a much smaller scale, but are no less perplexing and miraculous. Some mysteries appear on your own body! A mystery appeared on mine.


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