Too often I find myself searching for a cult to join and finding only religious ones, or creepy death cults, or what could turn out to be a highly illegal sex cult. Much like shopping for trouser-pants, it’s so hard to find a perfect fit! But what is a cult? Why, it’s anything you want it to be, baybee, and therein lies the appeal.

You hear about cults a lot in the news, from time to time, and it’s everyone’s dream to be on the front page at some point. Stop waiting for Fate to strike, and instead take Destiny into your own hands. Attract people to you, make them chant and obey you, dress them however you like, and pick a snazzy name. It’s as easy as that! Enjoy the thrills of having a mass of people flock to you and believe you to be the answer to all of life’s troubles. Who needs a significant other when you can have a modest assemblage of worshipers?

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Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald was born on July 24, 1900, and was the original quintessential irrepressible flapper of the times. Her life was a tumultuous roller coaster of good times and high drama, sailing high, young and beautiful, and then crashing into an insane asylum that burned to the ground with her still inside when she was about forty seven years old.

Not only did she inspire F. Scott Fitzgerald’s entire literary career, she was also the inspiration for a video game series I have never played: the Legend of Zelda. I can only imagine that it revolves around F. Scott Linkgerald wandering around a warped and terrifying fantasyland, trying to locate the eight pieces of her sanity, which she smashed to pieces due to some prophesy or something. There are villains who also resemble F. Scott and a lot of confusing social situations involving elixirs of booze and bathtub gin.

I have drawn Princess Zelda in honor of all of this.

princess zelda by Amanda Wood


I may idealize chickens. My grandparents had some when I was very young, and I have no negative memories associated with that time and apparently that’s all it takes for me to form an opinion that will never, ever change. But I can’t be wrong about this because clearly, all chickens are wonderful.

Now that we have the Sneer HQ, there has been talk of maybe getting a few hens for the back yard. They could help us garden, I assume, and provide us with breakfast supplies. At the very least, there is a nearby park and community garden that has chickens on the premises, so I can visit them and listen to their inquisitive clucking as they ask who I am and why I am not throwing feed their way.Continue reading

There are many kinds of mysteries in this confusing, mixed up world. We often find ourselves trapped in darkness, trying to solve a murder case, maybe, or seeking to understand what on the surface appears to be a supernatural phenomenon. Whole civilizations have been lost and we still don’t know why. Statues may weep tears of blood, drawing crowds of thousands of hopeful people, yearning to see a miracle.

Some mysteries are on a much smaller scale, but are no less perplexing and miraculous. Some mysteries appear on your own body! A mystery appeared on mine.


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In the age-old debate about things vs. experiences, we happen to take no sides because it makes no sense. But aren’t things great? Without things like laptops or newspaper comics, we wouldn’t have ever met. Without things like celebrity magazines and coloring books, we might not have a website.

And the things that we’ve acquired since! Oh man, we have Jewelbots, so that we can alert each other to every minute detail of our day and of our internet behavior. We have a house so we can garden, fill rooms with calendars, never stop drinking coffee, and make sock puppets of each other.

Our lives would improve immeasurably with any of these products. Feel free to buy any or all of them and send them straight to Sneer House.

get us this clock


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On this, the 75th Anniversary of Wonder Woman’s premiere, we’d like to celebrate her strength, beauty, bravery, honesty, and intellect.

Wonder Woman is a hero. She’s a hero to little girls and adult women. She’s a hero to feminists, to lesbians, to people who are oppressed. She’s a hero to ladies who need a strong role model, and a hero to ladies who need a beautiful one. She is a hero to everyone who needs her, just as we also aim to be.

So here we are, with yet another of our heroes, standing tall. Proverbially.


This VR thing is finally taking off but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be easy to please, now or ever. It’s probably going to be a few years before the technology is as realistic as I want it to be, but I already want it to be the best, now. Right now! I would hold out for a holodeck, since current VR headsets look cool and all, but they are hard to reconcile with all of my Star Trek assumptions about the real world. But I’m not going to hold out because quick make these games.

Forget horror games and porn. Forget the immersive action gaming experience some people have been waiting for. Forget the interaction with people you know or don’t know, anyone at all. Here’s what I really want from virtual reality.

Dollissa VR by Amanda Wood


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So Black Mirror is gross and weird sometimes and obviously none of us are going to watch all of it. My loving roommate watched some episodes of the new season first, then let me know what was worth checking out. I didn’t get past the first episode because omg.

This episode is called Nosedive and it’s The Dream. It’s my understanding that Black Mirror is kind of a set of oh-no what-if episodes about futuristic things and therefore we’re not supposed to get excited about living in that particular reality. And, to be fair, this episode doesn’t have a happy ending for the protagonist. But who cares about her? There’s over 7 billion other people on Earth probably having a great time.

Black Mirror on Netflix: Rate Me


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