If there’s one thing we can count on humanity for, it’s us doing what we think is best for us at the moment no matter what. For example, studies show that two-thirds of all automobiles in junkyards have worn-out horns but blinker bulbs that have never been used. In fact, no turn signal bulbs have been manufactured in the United States since 1961; they’re just pulled from scrapped cars and put directly into new ones. The cockroaches that shall inherit the Earth from us in about five years will still be using them in their vermin wagons.

Many people, estimates vary from approximately 1 to 99 percent, believe in some form of spirituality. This can take many forms, from collecting weapons-grade scented candles to replacing the exhaust system on your lifted full-size crew cab pickup with devices that make the engine louder and spew black smoke like a violently deadlocked papal conclave. The Romans believed in a single specific god for just about each and every specific element of their lives, because they stole it from the Greeks. So I’m stealing it from the Romans, because the Greeks gave us pitas [citation needed]. Here are some of the gods who help us through modern life. The previous list can be found here.


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Julia Roberts, widely-acclaimed actress, came to Sneer Studio to be illustrated in her true form. The jackal-faced god of death has been enjoying a more relaxed schedule in recent years, only starring in select films that she finds intriguing or otherwise worth her while. Dividing her time between California and the underworld, when Ms. Roberts isn’t being seen at events dressed in stunning fashions, she is leading souls to be judged fairly. Today, she has chosen to wear a simple yet stylish traditional wrap and sensible pumps.

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Some people say that we live in an age of reason, in a world that no longer has room for religion. However, many of these people find themselves imploring some unspecified power when they are rushing to catch the bus, or trying to find their keys.

Is it a coincidence when these things work out? Nay nay, I say! We need our gods and their divine intervention, whether they created us, or we created them. Like the Greek gods of old, here are a few of the gods who serve us in our modern world.

Modern God

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