As we sat around the figurative sneer round table, counting all the reasons we are thankful, it dawned upon us that the source of many of our blessings is the one and only Dollissa, co-founder of this site. But who or what IS Dollissa? What function does she provide in our group dynamic? Quite simply, she is the living embodiment of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, and charity. She is all three of the Graces of ancient mythology, and sometimes more than that!

What has she given us lately? Say, in the past twelve months?

  • Food
  • Liquid, life-saving nourishment that is easy to digest
  • Inspiration to go on another day
  • A whole house
  • Tickets for traveling
  • Cropped pictures of cat feet
  • Charitable donations that benefit the world
  • Jewelbots
  • Billion dollar ideas
  • Exposure to new music
  • A gambling habit
  • Memories
  • Sound financial advice
  • Quality content
  • Another year of the sneer campaign
  • Coffees
  • Free cat hair
  • Polaroid camera
  • Friendship
  • Information on any episode of any tv show
  • Hope
  • Real fly shoes
  • Conversation
  • Ten thousand laughs every week
  • Understanding
  • Acceptance
  • And a lot more but I’m running late

So thanks, Dollissa! Thanks a WHOLE BUNCH. Here’s a depiction of you in your true form as a gift. Thxu


Here at Sneer we often have moments that are hard in life, like anyone else. But luckily we’re surrounded by THINGS. Things that we love and make us happy. Things that connect us to each other. Things we can eat. This song is incomplete, of course. Good, catchy songs should only last about three minutes, and to list all of our faves would surely make a song that lasted hours. Maybe I could have done that, but also it becomes tiring trying to think of how to rhyme Secretariat and include Mr Rogers and.. and golly we sure do like a lot of things!

Click if you want and bonus extra funtimes below the image: the words and allll the links because an unlisted favorite thing is to create link cities in our articles. We’re so grateful, things!


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When you are doing your holiday shopping, it’s a great time to add in some extra things that you can give to people in need. It’s especially easy if you have already budgeted for the holidays, to buy it all at once if you have saved any money. Holidays are a happy time for many, many people, but there are certainly many in need who can use some help.

This is the perfect season to stretch out your empathy muscles and find some good causes. And I can help you figure out things to get and give that wouldn’t cause too much inconvenience, while you’re already swamped choosing all the best gifts for friends and family.

give to the poor, richboy

You’ll need to see if there are specific places near you that might need certain things, but you can also check below for some ideas. Always make sure that they want you to give them the things! Just give them a call or stop by and say, “hi I’d like to help, is it okay if I give you this?” or, “what do you need?” (Also ask them if they want things to not be wrapped.)

A lot of places prefer money, but sometimes that’s because they know better what to buy, but you can just ask! If they don’t want your physical gifts, just find another place. I promise there is no shortage of good causes and people for you to make smile.


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