If you’re like me, then you go outside a lot, despite what the petitions say. And if you go outside, you notice people. Just look at all of those people. Too many people, if you ask me. This is but one of many reasons I want my own private submarine and volcano lair. But I digress.

Frequently on my excursions I see curious people wearing bushy beards, busy plaid shirts, suspenders, cargo shorts, and black socks. They stand out to me not for that reason, but because so many people would curse and fling oranges at them. I thought they were immigrants from some Eastern European country, saying words like “Fair Trade” and “Decemberists.” But it turns out they are “Hipsters,” a relatively new culture that it is “in” to hate, taking the place the emos had until we as a society finally began to realize that it was cruel to mock the mentally ill.

Now, no one wants to be hated, not even Carrot Top. We all know the need to conform to the tastes and expectations of society, and so I have made this guide to help you avoid the unforgivable social pitfall that is having atypical tastes in a non-trendy fashion. Follow these rules and you’ll be a Bold Trendsetter without having to resort to thinking about your personality and deciding how you want to express yourself in a way that pleases you.


I have based this guide upon my own observations, gleaned from countless minutes skipping through Arcade Fire concert bootlegs on YouTube and everything that has ever been uploaded to Instagram. Follow this guide and you will be Popular. Finally, I am going to focus on men as women, you already know that there’s nothing you can wear, no style you can present, no hygiene routine you can follow that will prevent you from being swiftly and brutally judged by all who see you. Just look at yourself in the mirror and see all of the flaws society has taught you are real. Just stay inside in the dark until some man comes to rescue you. There is no other hope. No hope at all.

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We previously wrote about Neko Atsume here. If you don’t know how to play at all, check out that first post first! If you are looking for NEW information, check out our more recent post about Neko Atsume’s English update here.

A lot of people end up checking out our old Neko Atsume post for specific information, so we decided to do a bit more of a how-to for a few things in the game. Are you looking for how to get that extra room, remodel, or all the treasures? Want to know what’s on the cat profiles? Just check out below. We’ve even included some extra tips and tricks for playing. [This is an older post, but you can read about the English update here.]

Neko Atsume Screenshot

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Do you like Seinfeld, trivia, and board games? Chances are pretty good that you do.

Seinfeld Trivia Game by Dollissa

Now that Seinfeld is on Hulu (yes, all of it), here I am, providing you with information about a much-needed Seinfeld accessory. What good is loving it, if you can’t prove it to your friends?

This isn’t just a trivia game, it’s a board game, meaning it is the best of both worlds in nerdery. The game boasts more than 500 trivia questions. The questions come in two forms: easy and hard. However, the difficulty differences are indistinguishable and whether you know the answer will be due to a combination of chance, having even seen that episode (if you’re not a super fan), and memory skills.

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Have you heard of Neko Atsume? It is one of those app games that kids go crazy for these days and Dollissa and I are not immune to the hype, ourselves. Is there actually much hype over it? Not enough, I tell you. Not enough by a LONG shot! I will wait here while you immediately rush out to obtain it from your respective app store. It should only take a moment. Then, come back here to read the rest of this because you will be momentarily confused, giddy with possibilities and promises of round little cat drawings.


Step 1: Don’t Care That You Can’t Read Japanese

I’m sure the Japanese words are full of impossibly cute descriptions. Maybe you can read it and tell me it is true? However I, and I will assume most of the rest of you, can’t read it at all but that’s okay. You aren’t there to read, you are there to gather cats to you with food and toys.

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