Revered philosopher, martial artist, and film star Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940. Because he died in 1973, his spirit had to appear in front of us in his true form. We are honored to depict him here in the midst of an iconic pose, drawing power from all points in the universe and spreading his upper body’s hood so as to appear larger to his foes. After this display, Mr. Lee always became indestructible and was thus able to right wrongs, and achieve justice in a world which seemed to be stacked against him. In his short time on Earth, Bruce Lee left a pretty good legacy and we all still enjoy being amazed by random clips of his antics to this very day.

bruce lee

Hedda Hopper was a true Sneer Queen. She was known primarily for her caustic wit and her outrageous hats, which would fit her nicely into our crew. Her gossip column was well-known, and vicious, but she also starred in well over 100 movies! She knew famous people and used it against them. She had feuds with other columnists and was even kicked in the butt by Spencer Tracy over some gossip!

She was so great that she even accepted a joke valentine of a skunk gracefully. Probably the only gossip columnist with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star, Hedda surely made a name for herself in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

hedda hopper


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On October 19, 1945, Baltimore was introduced to a little bundle of joy called Glenn Milstead. About twenty years later, the WORLD was blessed by the creation of Divine. Let us all join hands and sing praises for this beauty queen, this iconic role model to young and old, rich and poor alike, regardless of gender, orientation, or social status.

There isn’t much more to say, except that you can click the image to enlarge it, if you need even more Divine in your life.

Divine by Amanda Wood