We have a brand new cat at Sneer HQ — one that we don’t have to feed! Daryl Takahashi is a cat who has been made famous by Hiromu Takahashi, Japanese Wrestling Superstar. He was sent to our home by our friend Zach, who knows what we like and knows how to give good gifts.

So he has moved in and made himself at home like the feline of confidence that he is. Mostly, he lives upstairs on the second floor, but he gets around from time to time. It was inevitable that Daryl would have to face off against each cat already living here, for that is the nature of cats. One must reign supreme in order for there to be peace in the house.

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It is fun to live in a house. Really fun! There’s lots of places to go and hopefully a yard and you don’t have to pay rent, ideally. Well, not if you own it.

It’s hard to buy a house though. About a year ago I vowed to buy one on an impulse. Apparently that is impossible. There are all sorts of obstacles and paperwork and discouraging people, leaving an impulse buy a difficult option for you even if you can figure it out at all.

Lucky for all of you, I have done all the hard work. I have narrowed it down to five steps in order to secure your dream house.

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