We have previously provided some detailed voodoo spell instructions for securing your love. But maybe you want more than love? It is 2017 after all, and love is dumb and we’re pretty sure it was made up by the brothers Grimm. Having a partner is so 2014, and there are more important considerations, such as money or your video games.

Voodoo Dollissa

Gather the necessary materials, put on a stern smirk, and find a quiet, empty room. We recommend doing these fake spells on an altar cloth of some sort. Personally, I use my favorite pillowcase. It’s very cute. Just as before, you’ll have to update your witchery to the modern era for these spells, so get out your smartphone and your social media accounts, your sage, and let’s get down and dirty.



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It’s time for May Tarotscopes! Last month was likely a lot of planning, but this month we can get a move on lots of things since Mercury goes direct during the first week. We can finally breathe a bit easier now. There is a Full Moon on the 10th which happens in Scorpio and the New Moon in Gemini, on the 25th. So plant seeds literally and figuratively and look ahead to the future!

These are general Tarot readings I do for each sign. While it is likely you will look up your Sun sign, maybe consider you Moon and Rising, too. If you would like to book a more personal reading with me, it is best to visit me on my Facebook page Tarot By Tonyana and send a message.

may tarotscopes

The 7 of Cups is coming up for a lot of signs so that makes me think that many of us are thinking of all the possibilities that exist while we enjoy some solitude. May seems ripe with great opportunities. It is like all the down time has us revved to show off our A Game! On a national scale, we have some big decisions to make. Hopefully our leaders choose wisely. I’m excited to see what is in store for everyone, let’s do this!


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April will herald in showers of power by the hour! Thing is, it’s the kind of power that comes from within and draws situations to us while we strategize. It ought to be interesting. As always, these are snippets of what each sign can expect based on my Tarot insight and astrological happenings. Consider your Moon and Rising sign as well as your Sun. Venus the planet of love is still in retrograde, so it is a great time to reevaluate the qualities you look for in a romantic partner. Mercury retrograde starts on the 8th… so yeah, like I said, things ought to get real interesting. Saturn goes retro on the 5th and Pluto does the same on the 20th. There’s a Full moon on the 11th. Intellectual conversations will be everything starting on the 21st when Mars enters Gemini. So get your nerd on! Oh, and lets not forget the New Moon on the 26th, which would be a great time to research and plant ideas about material abundance.

The four of swords is coming up for most signs, which is fitting considering all the retrogrades this month. Basically, it is the equivalent of seeking shelter while some things blow over. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but some stuff may come out about the misuse or contamination with chemicals on a big scale. I don’t believe it will keep us down for long. It will however, open our eyes to how we each personally may be contributing to things we would rather be in ignorance of. In the long run, that’s a good thing. Some of us may be dealing with people who try to convert us to their beliefs or berate us for ours. Again, let it blow over. Some may choose to talk things out (which is better than a blood thirsty battle, for sure) but a lot can get misconstrued now. Just be ever so thoughtful with the words you use and maybe ask the other how they interpreted it… if things HAVE TO be addressed immediately, this really is the best way.


So as always, these are listed by Sun signs, but I personally find my Rising sign is more telling with these, while some say their Moon is where it’s at. These are general. If you would like to book a more personal reading please contact me and we can set something up. My rates are very affordable and I’m an easy-going character to connect with. Hit my name in the sidebar or here to go directly to my Etsy shop. You can find various options and deals for readings on there, but you can also contact me by messaging me at Tarot by Tonyana, my Facebook Page.


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As someone who is not a practitioner of magick, my experience lies mostly with pop culture. However, from that, it’s pretty clear that you are not supposed to do love spells. They come with heaps of warnings, implications of “you’ll get what you deserve,” and laced with the irony of a Disney movie wish. Why does it come up so often? Because those are the spells everyone wants to do, obviously.

But in this day and age, you probably can’t use those old-timey love spells to enchant a handkerchief or to seal a spell with your very first kiss ever. You’ll have to update your witchery to the modern era for these, so get out your smartphone and your social media accounts, your sage, and your love/lust/obsession.

voodoo cupid

Here are some spells that you can maybe use on the object of your desire:


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It’s September, and personally I’m pretty stoked! There’s a New Moon in Virgo combined with a Solar Eclipse on the 1st. Yeah, that eclipse may be like Gordon Ramsey going into a restaurant freezer and uncovering a bunch of rotten food and maggots, but it is essential so we can clean house to accept all the good stuff coming in. On the 9th, Jupiter goes into Libra. So if you are a fellow Libran, we are gonna be in rare form all the way to October of next year. Woot, woot!  All signs should expect a general upturn in how we connect in partnerships and legal matters should run more smoothly and get less ugly. Full Moon in Pisces on the 16th lets the imagination run wild in a good way.

Yeah, yeah… I know all about the Mercury Retrograde that started on August 30 and will be going strong until September 22. I realize that means being prepared for Murphy’s Law, not starting new projects (or at least don’t have high expectations about them), and not saying anything stupid (like I can help it!). Thing is, with Jupiter smiling and winking at me, I’m pretty sure this retrograde I won’t be getting in any fender benders, breaking any ankles, or shooting hot sauce in my eye. True story. Honestly, Mercury Retrogrades can be awesome if you revisit old places or friends, pick up studies you put on the back burner, try again at something that didn’t quite work out before.

Anyways, as always look up your Sun Sign below. Some folks tend more towards their Rising or Moon sign so give them a look as well. Hit the sidebar to take you directly to my Etsy shop or message me on my FB page Tarot by Tonyana to schedule a more personal reading.


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Mysteries of the Unknown is a Time-Life Series of books published from 1987 to 1991. They’re amazing. They focus on all things paranormal and weird as shit. For some reason, these books were a gigantic hit. They broke every record Time-Life had when they were produced, and they’re famous for the wacky commercials. Atlas Obscura wrote this great thing about them.

Well, I happen to have some of these books and I can impart this wisdom straight from its pages into your eyes. I have inherited these books from my father and 7 of the set of 33 remain. The others are probably somewhere in storage.

The first book I checked out was Mind Over Matter. This book is primarily about psychokinesis, the act of or ability to influence physical objects with your mind. In my experience, most people believe this stuff as children. Some kids (or nerd adults) try to use the force, some people try to make stuff happen with their mind, and my roommate used to believe that his airplane would fall down if there were enough negative thoughts by the passengers. Totally reasonable.

Mysteries of the Unknown: Mind Over Matter

This twisted rug is proof.

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