YouTube offers us an endless supply of free entertainment. If you can ignore or avoid the increasingly intrusive ads, it is a great time. Learn to DIY, or cook, or just watch fools doing foolish things, whatever. Or the confusing amount of people meticulously describing things they have purchased. Those are simultaneously relaxing and frustrating. Yoga, music videos, relaxation, hypnosis — I’m just listing things that I think of because I can. It’s all there!

Of course there are plenty of things that shouldn’t be there. Things that should never exist once, let alone in such huge amounts. You know I’m talking about ASMR but does everyone here know what it is? Forgive me for showing you:

omg I hate it.


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The other day, I saw a “humorous internet meme” of a sort where there is a slightly altered popular lyric from music placed into an image. In this instance, that really annoying and mostly inaccurate song by Alanis Morissette about irony was paired with a little cluster of plague doctors. “Isn’t it bubonic?” one seemed to ask. Others said it was too bubonic, etc. It was cute, I suppose. The plague doctors were cute ones. Although, I feel very strongly that a herd of plague doctors wouldn’t speak to each other in such a way. They would just smell of medicinal herbs and stare at the chaos surrounding them. There would be leathery sounds as they moved around because their doctoring breeches and shoulder-high doctoring gloves are made of leather. No banter. No song parodies.

Luckily for us all, I am a plague doctor only in spirit, and have no qualms with writing morbid Black Death focused lyrics, and even speaking them out loud! And as much as I would enjoy forming a plague doctor themed band to perform dozens of songs such as this, I respect and admire the real historical figures far too much. So I will just draw out the words in big images such as the one provided below.


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Fred Astaire, American dancing gentleman, is a well-known figure of classic cinema. His films are comfortingly formulaic; you can expect light humor, charming romance, catchy music, and impressive dance routines no matter which of his offerings you happen to be watching. He kept a dedicated team of writers on hand to create hit after hit throughout the 1930s. And indeed, he and his buddy Ginger Rogers starred in these hits, winning awards and creating an on-screen LEGACY.

However, not all of the scripts that came to the table were accepted.

Fred Astaire Plague Doctor

In the year 1935, it was proposed to Astaire and Rogers that they should work together once again in another musical romantic comedy following the patterns of their prior successes. However, this time it would be an historical musical romantic comedy! Plague Year.

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