Our love of so many wonderful and fantastical things often leads to some of our favorite mashups! For example, Mae West dancing with Davy Crockett or the Goldwarts Girls gathered round the kitchen table like always. On today, one of science’s most exciting birthdays, we’d like to tell you more about Carl Sagan Moon.

The Sagan Scouts represent his literal and imagined drives for Wisdom, Justice, Passion, Courage, Compassion, and all of the rest too. He was a multi-faceted talent, an abundantly well-rounded individual who could very easily be represented by nine pretty versions of himself who would go on to star in many series of mangas and animated shows. Any time we imagine how it could be presented, we wish oh we wish we had control of reality, because it would be our favorite show.


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sailor moon drops

Another day, another app addiction. We here at the sneer campaign are no stranger to the stupid appiction. After all, neko atsume got three whole articles written about it. We actually are constantly getting games, but the princess horse apps haven’t sucked us in quite like disco dancing bees, and the odd game where you collect items or dress a chicken haven’t been as important in our day to day as making geometric bears cuss with a word game. Really, there is very little rhyme or reason when it comes to which games addict us. We try to pay attention so that some day we can combine all of the best attributes and make our OWN game, somehow. If we ever learn a skill or make a friend who would like to make an app for us sometime.

One important element, for sure, is that it is a game that we can talk about. If only Dollissa likes it, but I am too busy to play, she seems to lose interest faster. If I start a game and she forgets to get it two days in a row, suddenly I am uninstalling it. Sorry, KleptoCats. But if we can share that bonding moment of being able to say, “I have a million things to do, but I have to play this game,” and the other answers with, “oooh good idea. Me2.” Well, that is a game with staying power.

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I had a dream not so long ago that I was in a very nice but strange house that was hosting a casual sort of cocktail party. I found a study and tried to use the phone to call someone to come to get me, but, as usual, couldn’t remember any phone numbers or dial correctly. After a while, Carl Sagan came into the room. I was in his house! He explained to me that we live simultaneous lives across many, many realities and even though you might die in some of them, you still live on in others. He also mentioned that when we sleep, sometimes we dream, and sometimes we just visit other realities, and that I wasn’t exactly dreaming here, in this dream. All of the explanations included nifty graphics. And he wasn’t very old, so there was talk about the way timelines work or something. He was very nice. I was given snacks.

In celebration of this, my very real religious experience, and in celebration of Carl Sagan’s birthday (November 9th of every year), I have drawn him as every one of the Sailor Scouts. From Sagan Mercury to Sagan Pluto, he inspires us, protects us, and brings us peace in our daily lives.

A true hero.

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