YouTube offers us an endless supply of free entertainment. If you can ignore or avoid the increasingly intrusive ads, it is a great time. Learn to DIY, or cook, or just watch fools doing foolish things, whatever. Or the confusing amount of people meticulously describing things they have purchased. Those are simultaneously relaxing and frustrating. Yoga, music videos, relaxation, hypnosis — I’m just listing things that I think of because I can. It’s all there!

Of course there are plenty of things that shouldn’t be there. Things that should never exist once, let alone in such huge amounts. You know I’m talking about ASMR but does everyone here know what it is? Forgive me for showing you:

omg I hate it.


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These are not the classic Miss Manners directions you have come to know and love. What follows is a list of ideas that are specific to Dollissa (aka Miss irl). We advise you to always of course consult Miss Manners, the expert, whenever possible, or any other accredited politeness professional.

As adult human beings who live on Planet Earth and follow standard social etiquette, I shouldn’t have to tell any of you the following, but I will. If I had my way, nobody would ever move or make any noise. These etiquette tips are slightly more reasonable than a glorious world of silent, still people, but we’ll get there eventually.

Miss-Manners by Amanda Wood


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