You are all familiar with the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, right? That wonderful show has really cheered me up and given me hope for humanity, despite the Demogorgon and the Shadow Monster. Lately in my car I have been rocking out to Depeche Mode, which makes me think of the ‘80s, which of course is when Stranger Things take place. I got to thinking, “what if each ST character had a DPM theme song?” I think it could happen.  


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Growing up, I was incredibly afraid of scary movies or tv shows. I couldn’t even hear the theme music to X-Files, which my dad loved, before running from the room, sometimes crying. I must have accidentally seen the opening scene once or twice for the theme music to scare me. There is one I remember pretty vividly terrifying me as a kid, but as an adult lover of X-Files… man that episode was so barely scary!

In any case, I have grown less and less sort of generally afraid of these things, and more able to enjoy watching them. And then, of course, turning on some lights before bed.

However, there are a few things that I still can’t handle. One is of course the A-word, and the other, well, it’s home-monsters.



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