T.J. Miller, an actor of modest fame, joined us here in Sneer Studios to have his portrait drawn from a small vivarium atop a posing stool. It may surprise some readers to learn that he is not a human actor who stands at just over six feet tall. What you occasionally see acting in films and movies is a shell of a man controlled by his true form, which operates from the inside: a four inch long arthropod whose real surname is Millerpede. He is not known to be toxic, but he does skitter around at an unsettling speed.

TJ Millerpede

Highly enjoyable comedian and actor, Hannibal Buress, showed up at our studio today to have his portrait done in his true form. It may come to a surprise to some, but certainly not all, that Mr. Buress is in fact a superhero complete with superpowers. Here, he brandishes his Torch of Impartial Judgment which burns bright with the Light of Truth and Incisive Wit, which is a deep cut indeed to anyone who is on the receiving end. This outstanding fellow has not yet come forth with his official supername, but his arch-nemeses include at least one alleged rape-clown and perhaps some members of the Pop Culture Gang. We look forward to seeing his justice meted out in the coming months and years and wish him all the luck in the world.

hannibal buress

Revered candlestick entertainer, Benedict Cumberbatch, took time away from posing as a human actor to sit for a portrait in his natural form today. Showcasing the only flame-resistant menswear available in his home dimension of Cumbusterbatch, the flam-beau of everyone’s dreams has recently agreed to join an all-star cast in celebrating Shakespeare’s life work on the BBC later this month.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Now that her musical tour is over, Taylor Swift had time to sit for a portrait in her natural form today. The superstar golden Aisha is originally from a land called Neopia and appears before us dressed in a summery frock: one of her favorite looks. Miss Swift recently celebrated her romantic relationship’s one year anniversary with human being Calvin Harris, who measures 6’6″ tall.

Taylor Swift

The lesula was confirmed to exist by the scientific community as recently as 2012. It had been known by locals for many years, but even the entertainment industry has been acquainted with this old world monkey since 1988, when one unusually tall specimen began on the path of Hollywood stardom. The soulful eyes and elongated snout characteristic of this primate have given Adrien Brody’s true identity away, so he has begun to grow out his body fur and will proudly represent the lesula monkey folk from this point on. We have celebrated this historic moment with a portrait. With new films due out in 2016, it is indeed the Year of the Monkey.


Adrien Brody

I’m glad that I enjoy things as much as I do. There are two things that I love as an adult that are frequently enjoyed by children: learning and Pokémon. The thing is, whenever I learn something new my brain can’t help but apply it to Pokémon.

I recently listened to a business audiobook. I was consumed with one of the concepts in the book and how it applied to Pokémon. They talked about the hedgehog versus the fox. The former is of a single mind, and the latter is essentially scatterbrained. The book argued that the hedgehog is the one who can enjoy great success, while the fox won’t ever get there despite his many efforts.


I don’t have enough business experience to reject or accept their argument for corporations. I’ve been playing Pokémon with great intensity since 1998 and I’m really torn on their conclusion. Perhaps most importantly, my reaction is: it depends. The part that bothers me isn’t that it depends, but short of results-oriented-thinking, I can’t tell what it depends on.

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In one of his last acts on Earth, venerated celestial ungulate, David Bowie, materialized in the Sneer Studio on January 10th to pose for a portrait in his natural form. Known across the universe as the preeminent example of style and ethereal beauty, Mr Bowie is seen here adorned with a traditional chaplet from his home planet,  Androgeda. The cherished icon recently experienced his 69th solar year on our planet and, today, surprised us all by heading back home with little warning.

David Bowie

Over the weekend, glad tidings were bestowed upon the saurian actor known as Benedict Cumberbatch and his supposedly human wife, Sophie Hunter, as their baby pod finally hatched. An unknown amount of time had passed since the fertilization of the lady, and now Earth has a new alien prince in its midst. All hail the Cumberbaby!

As always, sneer campaign has been blessed with a sitting for baby’s first formal portrait in his true shape. Yesterday, he was a perfectly scaled miniature of his adult form. Today, he has learned to take on the appearance of a human pollywog. Soon, he will look more or less like a normal human baby.

Don’t be fooled!

The Cumberbaby by Amanda Wood

Congratulations to the House of Cumberbatch!  Long may your spawn rule this planet.