What’s Next, Snoop Lion?

Snoop was once a dogg, but then he was a lion. He may or may not be a dogg again, as his new album will likely reflect next month. But on the inside, he has grown into a lion, and that is what he is to me − UNTIL!

The evolution of America’s preeminent entertainer-type human Pokémon is a story known to all. But I am here to promote the idea that formed in my head last night before I fell asleep that it is foolish to believe that this is his final form. I have many guesses as to what Snoop will become next, but I have opted to draw what I feel is the likeliest scenario. Click to make it bigger!

A long comic called "What's Next Snoop Lion?" And Snoop Lion stands beside the title, with a little lion mane, and he is saying "Just you wait and see."

The body of the comic goes like this: first there is a scenario setting word bunch that says "based on signals from nature that are undetectable to common humans, Snoop Lion knows it is time to evolve." In the next three panels, he smokes while looking at the moon. His smoke cloud envelopes him.
Then there is a large joint on a solid gold coffee table, still amongst smoke. The words say "he leaves behind a precious cocoon which may at first appear confusing."
The next panel shows his friends reacting with surprise at the joint. One man says "now this is just excessive!" The lady next to him agrees by saying "tis!" Martha Stewart leans down to listen -- However Martha Stewart figures it out before disaster strikes. Says the words in the panel. She is then shown off to the side exclaiming "I think this is Snoop!
A panel of just words says "after an as-yet undetermined length of time ..."
and the next two panels show him emerging from a cocoon which has been surrounded by hand made signs saying things like "no" and "do not smoke."
The last panel is Snoop with beautiful butterfly wings, surrounded once more in smoke, as usual.

Now we wait. But we can take comfort in knowing that it is only a matter of time until Snoop Butterflyy flutters highest among the stars, creating #1 instant hit songs about butterflizzling his nizzle. Or your nizzle. Or the nizzles of all, most likely. He’s that kind of guy.

Happy Holidays!


    • Hi James, we have a lot of fake holidays you may not have heard about in this beautiful country of ours. On April 20th, some of our more… drug-addled friends celebrate by smoking a bunch of chronic and probably watching Half Baked.

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