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Sometimes we are good, enterprising people who take it upon ourselves to occasionally open free accounts on Product Sites. It saves us the trouble of shipping and handling, customer support, and manufacturing!

Three Important RedBubble Stores:

Sneer One Imports

The original! We have been uploading things on here since 2016 or so, so there is an overwhelming selection to choose from. Pro-tip: everything is sorted into Collections. And reminder: Redbubble’s layout and ease of navigation is not within our control.

Never Not Amanda

A store originally made from necessity in order to put drawings on gifts for people we know, specifically. It is now a place where there are a whole lot of carousel horse faces and very classy pet portraits. If either of those interest you, then trot along over there.


It was meant to be “StandardAmandard” but there was a character limit and Amandoll never says die! It is the home of “Reprodiddlyductions“: my reproductions of those gorgeous old fashioned work incentive posters that I can’t find reprints of and also the wall art seen in the backgrounds of Simpsons episodes. This is also the redbubble store to go to if you want a hundred different products to tell the world that you support the eating of the rich.

What Is ArtsAdd?

But wait! There’s even more than this! We also opened up an account with ArtsAdd because they have shoes! They also have a thousand other products but unfortunately it is the most tedious interface in existence and it turns out that not only are we not made of time, but we are also not made of patience. If you’d like to wear some great sneer kicks, however — this is your source:

As of September 9, 2021: TeePublic!

It’s another place to get cheaper, it seems, shirts! No repeating patterns, unfortunately, but it is nice because we have some choice in the matter of placement on different garments. Unlike other stores on some internet bubble of a certain color, we don’t have to put up with zippered hoodies with a design right in the middle of it all. How embarrassing. This teepublic store will slowly increase in selection over time — there are a lot of files we have to update to accommodate it. But it should be nice! And there are other products, as well!

Tired of Clothes and Home Goods? How About Some Art?

We have an etsy where you can print off some coloring pages, or whole books’ worth of coloring pages. We also intend to cook up some other easy print-for-yourself kinds of things, too. When you have so many pans in the fire, some things are bound to get a little burnt.

Amandoll is actually putting herself out there, soon, and will have her own little store site you can order commissions from or, assuming that some day we can do our own printing, ordering prints! Coming soon… by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, you could just contact her through her stupid Facebook Artist Page.


We are passionate about Alphabet and Numeral Books these days. We are also passionate about passive income. For the moment, you can get copies of our currently-existing offers on kindle, but eventually we will have the tangible books available for bookshelves around the world!

And Tonyana, Too!

Our very own mystic, Tonyana is about to have a website showcasing her services! You will be encouraged to visit the page and decide for yourself whether you would like your fortune told. Coming soon… by October or so.

Meanwhile, you could just contact her by email or through her Facebook Business Page.

If there’s something you’d like to see in our store, just let us know! We do have plans for future things, including ones we’ll offer right from here that we will make on our own. But if you want us to hear you out, you can email us at