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So you think you’ve got what it takes to be a hot-shot Sneerist? You probably do. It’s really not that hard if you just write neat and true, swiftly, straight from your heart, and directly into the heart of each individual reader. Bridge the gap between personal and universal tone. Dance on the line between expertise and charlatanry. Be able to charm, delight, and even titillate the masses, if you have to. And at the end of the night, be able to go to bed with a clear conscience. But wait! There’s more!


What We Do

Sneer Campaign is the combined effort of a small cluster of friends (some more than others) wishing to entertain anyone who wishes to be entertained, as well as thousands upon thousands of Neko Atsume enthusiasts. Originally, we intended to write about “celebrities, entertainment, and whatever,” and we still do, but “whatever” has been gaining momentum. We like to offer informative articles ranging from history to contemporary subjects, reviews, opinions, food, music, travel, cute animals…


What You Do

Write about what you know, or what you like. Don’t try to sound like us, because we already have ourselves and we would like some variety. Be confident, interesting, and well-written. Please be well-written. We reserve the right to edit your article slightly, but we will never change your meaning. If large swaths need changed, we will ask you to do it yourself, or we will become annoyed and not accept it. We are busy people and don’t have time to fix your syntax and improve the flow of your article! At first you will be a “guest writer.”

After five successful submissions, you will be regarded as a “trusty contributor” and a Junior Sneerist. If you become friends with us by being charming, or just by contributing so consistently that we grow to adore you, you, too, can be a Sneer Campaign Writer, and glory and glamour will be yours!

On the other hand, if you don’t write in ways that appeal to us, Dollissa will send you polite form letters of gentle rejection until you give up or get better. Success.


The Matter of Pictures

Unless you supply us with photos you have taken yourself, are able to draw either well or at least engagingly, or give us screenshots that are needed because it is a little game review or something, Amandoll will probably just illustrate it herself, free of charge. Don’t worry about it.

When you submit a post to us, you should also send us a few ideas of what the images should be. We may or may not use these suggestions. But hey, we might! Amandoll will likely do 1-3 depending on the length of the writing and the topic.


Types of Posts

It might be easier to list what we DON’T want: political pieces, rants, outrageous controversial topics, serious poetry (cute poetry might be okay), or serious fiction (sometimes the right sort of fiction will go into our Literary Corner series of articles).

If you read our site and think you have an idea that will fit it well, that’s the best indicator. If you have an idea for an image such as a True Life Portrait, Amandoll may draw it and still provide you author credit for the intro that you will write. The world is your oyster. Use your imagination.

The length will also depend on the kind of post, your style, etc. We’d recommend at least 3 paragraphs for something that is not primarily an image post. Our longest post so far is just shy of 2,800 words.



The satisfaction of a job well done. A place in Sneer Campaign history.



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