Amandoll’s Big Day Off

Amandoll was working, t’was Sneer Day again
Another good reason to pick up her pen
But hands they grow weary and try as she might
She couldn’t see finishing work up that night
“Egads, this is madness!” she cried out in pain
Must I draw for Saxon’s poems again?
Today is my Birthday, yet I wear no hat,
No cake is before me here, only a cat.”

This is a small square image where a Doofus and Darling panel of Amandoll/Darling sitting at her desk, looking vacant and drinking coffee, has been taken and a little copy and pasted image of Swizzle the Cat from a Kitty Comic elsewhere on the site sits on the desk.

And down in the Sneer House, where we all pay rent
Amandoll’s voice carried down old dusty vent
Where Billy, and Cchris, and Saxon relaxed
And unlike Amanda, were very untaxed
The spirit of Birthday washed over them all
And a bit of pity for their friend down the hall
“Her fingers are bone, they’re worked til’ they’re numb,
and we all sit idly just sucking a thumb?”
As they ponder deeply the thoughts that they thinked,
Deep into couch cushions our poor Billy sinked,
“Not even grammars we do good today,
So how can we help out in of any way?”

Another square image is on offer. An illustration each of Billy, Saxon, and C Chris, all writers for the Sneer Campaign has been copy/pasted together. Above them, it says Sneer Lounge. There is a little paste of tiny instax camera photos up in the corner meant to be decor.

The sheer inspiration struck Cchris at once
“What if for once, we are not lazy cunts?
We’ll fix up the artwork, we’ll do all the words
So A-Doll can frolic, outside with the birds”
“But what if our wording is be bad at now?”
Said Saxon, with haught, a hiss and a scowl
“Never you worry” said Billy “Be glad,
Consistency dictates your writing be bad!”
Saxon lit up with a face all a-beam
“No one will notice my awful rhyme-scheme!
I’ve laid out the groundwork, by being the worst!
This won’t be the last and it’s sure not the first!”
“But we are no artists!”, Billy said to C,
“I hope you expect no great artworks from me”
“I’ve got that covered!” said Cchris with haste
“We’ll take all the old shit, we’ll cut, and we’ll paste!”

Another square image of a cut and pasted bunch of pictures. This time, actually Dollissa's body from a former article is seen coloring on a page on the floor. However, there are two of her, sharing a page that is the previous picture in this poem. Also, instead of her head, one is C Chris's head, and one is Billy's head.

And so they set out, stationery on the floor
With a sign saying “do not disturb” on the door
Cchris and Billy with scissors and glue,
Cutting up many old sneers made for you
Saxon, cross-legged, tip-tapping away
For a poem where effort was not on display
And Amanda was free, to fill her desires,
To go play the banjo, to go start some fires
To do any thing without those harsh demands
On her raggedy, broken up, old bony hands.


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