Check it Out for National Library Week

Books are amazing. You should read a lot of books. Everyone should! If you didn’t know, this week is National Library Week. There are lots of ways to celebrate! We’re sure you can think of some, but here are some pretty obvious suggestions:

  • Go to your local library and check out a book! If you haven’t read in a while, it’s the perfect time to try out a new option or an old favorite. You can always ask a librarian for help, of course!
  • Buy some new books for your own library/collection/bookshelf/pile at a library sale! My library is having theirs this weekend; two years ago I spent $100 on books under $3, so I’m trying not to bring too much money this time. Although, it was nice of the librarian to drive us home.
  • Do you not have a library card yet? Show your love by getting one this week! Usually, all it takes is proof of address, to show that it is indeed your local library, and a short application. Some libraries even let you do it online, but you might as well go in.
  • Come on, just go.
This is a drawing of a purple book titled "A Book." -- author not credited...
An example of a drawing of a book.

Today, specifically is National Bookmobile Day, so as a shout out to our favorite Librarian on Wheels, here is something that you should definitely check out, starring Tim and friends!

Check it out!

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