Columbo Day: The Fourth Coloring Page

Mail isn’t being delivered, people are violently tearing down statues of a certain horrendous explorer and mass murderer of the past, our readers are listlessly checking Sneer Campaign to see if we actually made a Columbo Day coloring page this year — hey we did!!! After a multi-year hiatus for some reason, Columbo Day coloring has returned!

Columbo Day is when families gather around their televisions to marathon-watch episodes of Columbo on Netflix, YouTube, or from your personal collection of the complete Columbo DVDs! We are slowly introducing the newest tradition over the next twenty-four years: the Columbo Discovers America coloring book, one page released per year. This is the fourth, deeply longed-for page.

Spoiler: In the end, America actually discovers Columbo, and everyone’s lives are improved dramatically. Happy coloring! Click to enlarge the picture and for printing!

This is a printable coloring page, so a black and white line drawing of Lieutenant Columbo standing on a checkered tile floor, arms outspread. He looks like he is resting his case, like he has come to the end of his wits with trying to explain himself and not understanding why the people around him (not shown) aren't understanding. To his left side, there sitss a very nice globe of the earth in a display stand. Beneath is written "Columbo convinces the court of his route."

And because we feel better about ourselves if we shamelessly self-promote, we would like to remind you that you can buy these things we offer for free on the site at our etsy page!

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