Daytrip Adventure: Behold the Majesty of Dinosaur World

It has been a busy week in a busy month of our lives, but I must take a break from it all in order to tell you, readers, about an experience I had as recently as two days ago at the time of writing. All of you in the future, just know that this was groundbreaking news of the day.

While being visited from our out of state friend, Mary Kate, we decided to take a trip to Mammoth Cave National Park. While consulting the maps to see what else was around, we made the discovery of a lifetime: an attraction called Dinosaur World — the apparently self-proclaimed LARGEST dinosaur park in all the world.

Whether or not that is true, the bag says it, even if internet lists about large dinosaur parks don’t! And who are you going to believe? The gift shop was very large, I’ll grant it that. Maybe that is what it really meant.

There were a lot of dinosaurs on display! You weren’t allowed to climb on them and you couldn’t even reach out to touch them, but you could pretend! You could really imagine what it would be like to be transported to a world where dinosaurs were frozen in place, and WHAT IF they became unfrozen?? The peril.

We learned about a LOT of dinosaurs that we had never even heard of before! Even though we are baby amateur paleontologists lite, we felt educated enough to cast skeptical gazes upon some of these sculptures.

Many of the dinosaurs might be described as being “dinosauresque.” In other cases, you might use words like “prehistoric owl” or “confused sock puppet” or even “alien creatures from beyond the Moon.”

Still, we had all of the fun that we could, which turned out to be plenty in amount.

This world of dinosaurs outside of Cave City, KY, USA, is highly recommended by me, Amandoll. It is one of those experiences where I firmly believe that if the dinosaurs had been better, it wouldn’t have been as good.

In many ways, it was a disservice to the splendor of Mammoth Caves that we went to Dinosaur World first. Nothing could ever compete with the sights and entertainments that it provides.

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