Garbo Pail Kids: Bette & Grette Grumpo

In the 1980s, Cabbage Patch Dolls were all the rage. Families tore apart other families in order to “adopt” one of these things in time for Christmas. Some people even to this day have lost their minds to the extent that they pretend their Cabbage Patch Dolls are their actual children. I saw it on a documentary once! It’s true!

As a reaction to the doll fervor, some other people created “Garbage Pail Kids,” which were completely based on the dolls but super gross in that way that many things from the ’80s were. They were rude, and crude, and on the Trapper Keepers of many children at school. Parents hated them, people with an ounce of delicate sophistication hated them, and the Cabbage Patch company hated them. But who cares about those people, right??

A lesser known reaction to the Garbage Pail Kids happened though, and we have unearthed these valuable collector cards ourselves. Over time, we will show you each of these gorgeous Garbo Pail Kids. So elegant that no one was offended, and that lack of offense caused them to be underappreciated and obscure. Not anymore! They were ahead of their time, and also like fifty years behind their other time. Well 2018 is long enough from both times for them to be their new time! Their REAL time! What IS time, anyway?  Halp!

This looks like a Garbage Pail Kids card at first glance but soon you realize that it says Garbo Pail Kids instead! 

In this one, Bette and Grette Grumpo, this is a two-headed Garbage Pail Kid who is wearing a glamorous evening gown and jewels. The heads are of a ragingly angry Bette Davis and a sorrowful weeping Greta Garbo. Bette is shrieking at Greta and might be about to hit her.

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