Gold Digger, Interrupted

I’m a simple girl with simple material needs and an astounding lack of awareness when it comes to anything involving money. I can explain this by saying that until very recently, I thought of amounts of money as “how many burritos that could buy, and also the quality of those burritos.” That was my main way to understand how much of money was being handled for anything.  Now, I think of things in terms of how many cabins or airbnbs could be rented, where, and for how long, so I guess I’ve moved up a rung or two in a ladder that might only apply to me.

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I’m not much of a gold digger by trade, or maybe I am the best, depending on how you look at it. Mostly, it is a running joke that I enjoy living out, whether or not it ever actually works. But even if I only get a burrito, I feel successful. Cchris is probably the least gold diggable person to exist, and not only because it is doubtful that he is even in this tangible world. I didn’t get three bucks for my efforts here, nor did I get a decent lunch, but I *did* get an excuse to announce his financial details TO THE WORLD.

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