Hello Good Buy

I make these goofy overindulgent self portraits to encapsulate what’s going on in our shared lives on the Sneer Campaign, more or less. Some day we will look back on these as a cute little journal or scrapbook. We will print them out and burn them in a fire, or wrap them around ourselves in layers to keep warm, or turn them into a quilt… Let’s turn them into a quilt!

I figured to honor the New Twenties, I’d just stick with drawing from some bizarre 1920s style of magazine covers from Brazil called Para Todos every month. They are nightmarish like we are, but unlike us, they are frequently racist, so if you take it upon yourself to look them up — don’t be shocked. The Old Twenties weren’t 100% great, and that’s why these New Twenties are supposed to be better.

A small glimpse of the larger image that is coming up next.

This year for the holidays, we decided to be hyperlocal shoppers. This was a great idea when we had all the time in the world, and we spoke in extremely optimistic future tense of going in person to the shops to browse and purchase, as if there wasn’t the chance that we’d be in pain, in a mood, or feeling reclusive when the time to shop came. So now we are left with only a week or two to hit up all of our favorites — and there are so many!

In fact, I am going to do them a solid and recommend that you go to them if you’re here in Covington, KY, or just shop from them online whenever you can. At the very least, give them an instagram follow and tell them we said hello, and that we love them. Tell them that we were breathing heavily when we told you to pass along that message. Tell them that you were as uncomfortable as you are, and as they will be when they hear it.

Art Deco illustration in the style of Para Todos, a Brazilian magazine from the 1920s. Amandoll, a girl in a striped shirt of blue, lime, hot pink, and grey, is wearing a fetching orange skirt and teal tights, and a yellow cloche cap, and red converse high heels.
Dollissa is with her, smaller with red glasses, she is wearing a long pink coat with evidence of a blue dress underneath. Her cloche hat is grey, and she has either an orange scarf or an orange turtle neck on. Her tights are black with pink, blue, and yellow stars. Her shoes are metallic gold and have wings.
Both of them are carrying many parcels that have local Covington business names on them (which I list below). They are walking along, smiling over at us, the viewers.
At the bottom, its says Sneer Campaign. Hello good buy. With buy spelled like the way it means "to purchase."

Covington Businesses We Love:

  1. Hail Records and Oddities – On Instagram – Shop from Their Site
  2. C.H.A.D. – On Instagram – Shop from Their Site
  3. Wicked Obscura – On Instagram – Shop from Their Site
  4. Farmer Nate’s Hot Sauce – On Instagram – Shop from His Site
  5. Hierophany and Hedge – On Instagram – Shop from Their Site for shirts only, but go to the site anyway if you can’t physically visit the store yet
  6. Maison Covington – On Instagram – Visit Their Site — but you have to go to it for shopping (and get a coffee or treat at Left Bank while you’re there)
  7. Earth 2 Kentucky – On Instagram – Shop from Their Site
  8. Laughing Bees Honey – On Instagram – there’s not a site, because I doubt she can send her fresh treats around the world — yet! But here is the Facebook Page if instagram doesn’t do it for you.

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