Introducing Jackson

Our cats are tricksters, escape artists, bold, too smart or too stupid. This is not to say that our cats are different than other cats. They are all pretty much the same. They are less like pets and more like shiftless roommates, forever late on the rent and refusing to clean up after themselves. We provide illustrated guides to them, once monthly.

This is the one and only comic about Jackson called "Introducing Jackson" an illustrated guide of cats of sneer campaign.

"A new cat appeared outside! Jackson has a squirrel tail."

Drawn, it is a brown tabby cat with a luxurious long coat.

"He also has FeLV so he hasn't met the others yet. He seems to love having his picture taken though! We take 800 pictures of him every day!" He lays there posing while cameras go off like paparazzi.

Next in the list is Tuff Ghost and previous to this one is one about the Captain. Take your pick.
Jackson’s content is right here though.

Sneer Back

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