Introducing Priss & Demanda

I like to make comics based on real conversations I have. There is kind of a backlog set up, so this is just one out of like a hundred. Some day, you’ll grow to love all of the characters. Here, I interact with cchris and a new facet of our personalities is revealed. Our personality? Shared personality? Gross, probably.

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This is an old comic that was drawn in 2013, pen and paper, bay bee! It starts by setting the scene in Unicorn Valley, a fictional town.

C Chris comes up to Amandoll in a park, saying, "Hello, Duh-manda." Then he looks so pleased with himself while saying, "No wait! Demand-a! Even more piercing of an insult!" Amandoll rolls her eyes and says, "That's me all right."

Then she says, "Instead of Chris should I start calling you Priss?" He laughs. Then a series of panels showing them walking along. She's talking and he's clearly not paying attention. Then he blurts out, "Priss and Demand-a! I like it!" She looks interrupted -- which she is.

The last two panels are of a title card saying "Priss and Demanda Go to the Restaurant." They sit at a table while c Chris complains, "This water isn't watery enough!" The waiter bows and says, "yes sir."

Sneer Back

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