Irrational Fear Comics: Bleshoo

We have a lot of fears. Some make sense; others, not so much. This latter type will be featured once monthly until we run out of material, at which point, we might begin accepting the fears of our readers. 

A three panel comic of foes' irrational fear. Panel one shows her, a girl in a blue tshirt with a pony tail, sneezing into the crook of her elbow. The words say, "I fear that when I sneeze into my elbow, I will feel something hard fly into my skin."
The second panel shows her arm outstretched. The words say, "and I will look... and a tooth will be there." Actually the arm has like four teeth in it. The words towards the bottom add: "Maybe multiple teeth."
Panel three shows foes as a dead body on the ground. Her ghost is covering its eyes and shouting a prolonged "no" as it escapes her body. The words say, in smaller font size, "I would just die on the spot."

It seems fitting that my first sneer is an irrational fear, for a couple reasons. First, I am pretty consistently getting spooked, brain melted, startled, alarmed, or upset by many things that Sneer holds near-and-dear, including photos of Amandoll’s hands, puppets, and cryptids. Some of those fears are totally rational fears (horses can murder people) but of course some are completely irrational (I hope). Second, I’ve talked about wanting to write something for Sneer Campaign many times, for many years, but have always been overcome with the fear that anything I write will not be good enough! How could I compare to the wonderful sneers of Amandoll, Dollissa, Saxon, Erica, Billy Holiday, etc? Someone please tell me that this fear is irrational, too!

Anyway, this particular fear is one that comes and goes, one I forget completely for months at a time, until one day it strikes and I am left paralyzed for several moments! And then for hours, days, maybe months after, I cannot get it out of my head! It floats around in there, any time my nose tickles or any time something smells weird, which is basically all the time. Maybe it becoming a comic and sharing it with the world will allow me some peace?!

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