New Year, New Decade, New New New

Hello! Welcome back to you, and welcome back to us. We missed you, we missed you, we will never leave for so long again!

We forced ourselves to shut up an accumulate new interests and new life experiences — much more than a hiatus, it was a whole surprise sneer sabbatical. Well here we are! We are back for keeps this time, unlike our juddering attempts over the latter half of 2019. Woops!

Goodbye, 2010s! Go on, get outta here! We may have been negligent and lacked gumption for a few months there but we won’t apologize anymore. It’s in the PAST. It’s so last decade. Some heartwarming and exciting things may have happened, sure, but we live in the Now and now it is the New Twenties. We for one are excited to be saying the word “twenty” rather than the cumbersome “two thousand” and it is with that thrill of purpose and efficiency that we march forward into this sleek and worthy future.

Stride with us, hand in hand as it has always been. Welcome our good cheer and good sneer as we entertain you. Smooch smooch.

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