Show The Earth You Love Her

A drawing of the earth, a little close up -- just around Central America, really. The words, written in a menacing dark red, say, "Tell me you love me. Say the words. x o x o Earth" followed by a little heart.

Your relationship with Earth is not one to be taken for granted, although it is so easy to do. Realize that Earth is a gift. Every day of your life with her you should remember that she’s a gift to you, the general you, specifically. You have been with Earth for as long as you’ve been alive! Earth is always there for you and you might believe it always will be.

While it is true that the planet is dependable and steadfast, it is important to acknowledge that anyone would harbor resentment at feeling used and neglected. The worst thing of all would be to be broken up with by the Earth. But worry not! All you need to do is show that you appreciate and care — and really do feel those things!

Love is nothing to trifle with. You should not be flippant about such feelings. Your love for the earth affects every other aspect of your life — it is the most important thing! Without Earth, where would you be? Cold, alone, and dying in outer space. Maybe you would deserve it because you can’t take a moment to do one of these simple things every once in a while.

Knowing how may not come easy or naturally to everyone. Appreciating anyone can be done in many ways. For Earth Day, we have compiled a sentimental list of sweet acts that you can do today, but we would prefer that you do them every day. Love this ol’ earth year ’round. It couldn’t hurt a bit!

An illustration of Robbie Williams, musician and entertainer, holding the whole world. Amandoll sits atop the globe, looking at him as he smiles at the camera -- or I guess at the illustrator.
Robbie Williams and I know this planet is a precious, precious gift.

Here is a smattering of practical tried and tested ways, in handy list form, to remind your earth how much you really do love her:

  1. Listen to her. Not just to the words she’s saying but to the feeling she tries to express and be patient as she tries to express them. Earth don’t talk like people do. Learn her language, because that’s what caring is about.
  2. Talk respectfully to her. Don’t make her feel like she is less important and definitely don’t insult her. Earth has ears — and a temper sometimes. She has been known to kill with sink holes, icicles, and gale force winds.
  3. Compliment her. Be specific, so she knows you really mean it, and be genuine. Later, I will write for you a handy guide on how to compliment someone sincerely, but for now, lesser experts on the internet have made plenty of suggestions for you, I am sure.
  4. Refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, and then recycle. Even little acts of kindness are appreciated by Earth. To her, these basic tenets of greener living are much more precious than rings and gemstones. It’s even better than ice cream!
  5. Set goals together. If working towards a common goal, it is easier to support each other. Your bond with the Earth will be strengthened. Your love will deepen.
  6. Admit your mistakes. Openly and honestly showing that you are imperfect will make her feel protective of you. However, don’t frame it as, “see, I’m imperfect, too!” The Earth will take that very much the wrong way. A comment like that could cause a hurricane!
  7. Choose Earth. If you get in a situation where you have to choose between the Earth and anything else, choose her. Especially when it is a situation with your family. If your family gives you that kind of ultimatum, they are as toxic as the sludge their lifestyles probably generate.
  8. When having a conversation with this beautiful planet, look her in the eye. Show her that you are listening. Don’t get distracted.
  9. Spend as much time as possible with her. One could say that we can’t not spend time with the Earth, but this is different. She wants to feel like she is the most important world to you. Being present while spending time is the number one thing you can do with the number one planet in your life.
  10. Refuse to compare her to others. Earth is your number one! Why even start to compare her to Mars or any of the trillions of theoretical “earthlike” planets out there? She has to be the only one you care about.
Same earth drawing as before, only now a hurricane is striking Texas from the West Coast. Is that a tropical cyclone? Anyway the words say, "Where did that red rock come from? Have you been seeing Mars??"
  1. Be pro-active with your green choices. If Earth notices that you are trying the best you can at all times, she will respect you for that. Respect is an important and often overlooked aspect in any partnership.
  2. Show affection in public. You can’t really hold her hand, give her a kiss, or hug her, but you can pick up litter and be an overall mindful steward of the environment. Don’t be ashamed or afraid to show her you love the earth, even when people can see it.
  3. Surprise her. Give her a sweet card or letter. Show up with flowers and compliment how well she grew them. Buy her that bracelet of recovered ocean waste that she wanted. Pile compost all around! Anything small is good. Surprises are what keep your relationship alive.
  4. Brag about her. When she’s listening, and when she’s not listening (she’s always listening). Brag about the Earth always. Too many people talk negatively about the weather, the climate changes — but you love her, so brag about her.
  5. Explore who she is. Try to know more about her. Go on travel dates and hikes. Ask the Earth to tell you everything about herself, but respect her secrets. Girls like to keep a bit of mystery about them.
  6. Take pictures with Earth. Try to make a picture every time you’re together, even when you’re just relaxing on the couch and you can see outside through an open window.
  7. Call her cute names. Gaia, Third Rock, Terrestria, Blue, etc. But always using the same nickname can also get boring, so mix it up. Even simple names such as “my love” and “my precious peach pit sugar plum” will be seen as endearing.
  8. Don’t see her as weak just because she gets that feminine pronoun, but as precious. She is the most important thing in your life. She supports all life, every day. She is eons old. How can she be important if you look down on her? She is precious but never weak.
  9. Leave little notes around, with sweet messages — write with a stick into dirt, arrange pebbles on a beach, pile up mud into letters, and so on. The earth loves little things like this.
  10. Just tell the Earth you love her! You can never say it often enough. Keep reminding her every day, hour, minute, that you love her!
Same earth drawing but now the cyclone is SO big. The words say, "until death do is part... Love you too! heart heart heart - E."

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