Sneer Campaign Presents: The Little Matty Bevers Paper Doll

A clip of Bevers giggling -- a piece from the doll illustration below.

Are you a little girl from the 1800s? Do you wish you were? Obviously you are a person of exquisite taste because you are here perusing this site! Luckily for you, we have our clingy, grasping little fingers on the pulse of what the world wants − NO! What the world NEEDS! We know that there is an endless thirst for modern-day paper dolls of extremely important characters from popular culture. First, we offer you Broad City’s other breakout star and favorite to all: Bevers, the aggravating, lovable boyfriend of Abbi’s mysterious roommate.

Click the image to have access to an outrageously large version that you can print out, cut out, dress to your liking, and pose around your own home with these Season 1 clothes and accessories! You can pretend to be Abbi and scream at Matty Bevers Doll for not respecting your clearly marked belongings. Leave him to be clad with only a throw pillow keeping him (hardly) decent, or put him in his towel outfit for that fresh Bevers feeling. Dress him in his nice lavender shirt outfit and pretend he is offering you an apology. Cut out the tiny flip-flops and leave them loose around your room. Tape the headset and game controller to him − we don’t care! Just have fun, and think of us while you do so.

This is an entire sheet of Bevers from Broad City as a paper doll and accessories. You should print it out and put it together.

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