Spring Parties We Won’t See You At

Among the elaborate parties we’d planned for the year, I was most excited for this Spring. Partly, I wanted to top last year’s Passover dinner, which was my very first as a host. Of course, my own birthday has its place in Spring too. However, these things were just not in the cards.

This porch SHOULD have guests sitting all along that edge there.

Like everything else right now, we’ll try to make the most of it, and adjust our parties to the circumstances.

Tea Parties

Conveniently, we never did get a tea set that would serve more than two of us. Not one that we intend to use, anyway.

We also only have two chairs on our porch. I guess it was meant to be! This won’t be too different without the rest of our friends, except smaller. We still have our enormous floppy hats and our flowery dresses, our sun tea and fresh strawberries (well, they’re growing).

Have your own tea party for one or two! Join us in dainty decadence.

Waiting for its big moment.


I made a wishlist of backyard stuff we wanted, and next up was either a grill or a picnic table. We didn’t get either one yet, so we may be waiting another year to worry about making the right decision.

Have no fear! Did you know: you can make burgers and hot dogs indoors? You can even bring them outside after if you prefer to hang out with ants and the carpenter bees who hover around your face.

Spend time drawing about burgers dreaming about burgers.

Gardening Party

Tilling and toiling while we prepare gardens is much more fun when we invite everyone we know! At least that’s what we guessed. Everyone would have shown up wearing overalls and big straw hats. BYOGT (bring your own garden tools) except we do have plenty of extra supplies. We would have served sun tea and beers.

Instead, it will just be us, every tool we own, and the hot hot sun burning our skin.

Party favors.

Super Satan Fest Party

Happening on the weekend of my birthday, we were simply going to invite all of our friends to this event and pretend it was a two day party of live music for me. Super Satan would probably not have minded, because sharing is caring.

Sadly, even this great time has been postponed so we will all have to listen to local music and hail Satan alone or in small groups. I can just get drunk and flirt with the fence posts in my own yard.

Sometimes, Satan hails you.

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