Springtime at the Sneer HQ

It’s over 70F (21C)! It’s true that already this year, it has been this hot and hotter, but the ten day forecast is claiming that it’s not going to have a lower high than this for the foreseeable future! That means it is undeniably the Spring Time, the BEST time. The time of flowers and an incredible amount of bees in your face. Mr. Sun is back, ready to lull you into his beams so that your skin can burn away and grow cancers. It’s great. I love it. I am a springtime person, so?


In an effort to have a series of articles for the future, we have decided to provide you with a glimpse of an Average Spring Week (and eventually the other seasons) here at the house that we are living in. The House that Dollissa Bought, the House that My Dad Saved through Handiwork, the House that Sneers Made., etc

As you can see, we keep busy:



Weekends are lazy times for us, we don’t care.

  • Dollissa works and naps
  • Manny catches up on Netflix
  • Lisa works and reads books
  • The cats ask for kibble which we then provide — repeat every several hours
  • Amandoll daydreams about projects and makes lists that she then immediately forgets about — repeat every several hours




Garbage Day!

  • We gather our trash and recycling
  • Weed the gardens even though they don’t have plants
  • Well, begin weeding, get distracted, leave tools in the ground
  • Fill the little pool and make big plans about the yard
  • Feel sunburnt already
  • Go inside to make blueprints
  • Remember to write an article
  • Exhausted, we loaf around the rest of the day, separately, alone




We should clean the house! The whole house!

  • We start cleaning the areas right around us
  • Do some dishes, kick at some clutter
  • Remark that it is another beautiful day; stare at sky and clouds
  • Remember to make content for Sneer Campaign just in time
  • As a group, we walk to a park
  • We wind up in some sort of restaurant or bar
  • Make plans for infiltrating the local community and Making Differences
  • We wind up in this coffee house where magicians meet weekly
  • Get too tired to walk home; use Lyft
  • We each try to read a book but instead we sleep, satisfied with life no matter what




Wednesdays are mostly defined as the one day a week when Amandoll’s parents come over to work on a home maintenance project.

  • A weather event often happens on Wednesdays for some reason; we make weeping sounds
  • Get up early (for us) — 10AM
  • Dollissa and Lisa don’t have work
  • Amandoll’s parents come over bringing food and fixing up the house, which is very nice of them
  • One of the parents points out the garden tools sitting now in puddles so we put them away
  • We discuss that we should learn some handy skills because it must be nice to be able to do
  • Retain one new skill, possibly, that will help us in our practical lives. Thanks, Mom and Dad!
  • We remember that we have a site and make something for it eventually, after much talk
  • Lisa offers to drive us somewhere
  • We wind up at the international market or a cemetery — only ever those two types of places




  • Everyone’s working who works
  • Dollissa brings her work-at-home life downstairs or else she won’t see ANYONE ALL DAY
  • We remember that we have Fujifilm Instax Cameras and “capture memories” of angled photos of objects we own and scenes that will be confusing to future generations who are buying them from an old photo bin in an antique store
  • Remember how expensive the film is and stop
  • “Is it Thursday or Friday?”
  • Amandoll remembers that she probably was supposed to make a comic of something for Sneer Campaign and jams one out in ten or twenty minutes
  • We discuss what it is like to live in Paradise; make Plans for the house
  • Make lists of fun things we would like to buy
  • Make lists of creative projects we would like to do




  • Where did Manny go? Have we seen him lately? Everyone shrugs in confusion.
  • Amandoll looks through the OMGJ archives to see if there are any articles left to use
  • After selecting three or four to use, she decides that it’s too much effort to edit them and just writes something in a half an hour. Delivering quality content to you quickly is our pleasure and never a burden
  • Manny walks in like he was never gone
  • Everyone sits down and makes plans for the future, as many as we can. It’s a race.
  • One of us notices that the pool we put together on Monday is brimming with leaves and dead insects
  • Tired of talking about cooking and now too hungry, we order a lot of food. Too much. “It will last us days,” we say. It does not.




Another lazy day of not needing to generate content!

  • We talk about how we need to start preparing for this site weeks and months in advance, like we used to
  • Amandoll updates the sneer calendar and becomes distracted
  • Netflix
  • Amandoll starts making another list, about anything; loses it immediately
  • “These cats never do any chores!”
  • Visited by friend
  • We talk about the need to start devoting time to craft-making
  • We go to the yard: “These weeds aren’t weeding themselves!”
  • Again, we remark upon the splendor of the house and yard and our lives
  • Lisa and Candice invite us to a concert but we are too sleepy and not wanting to be around loud things or people
  • Amandoll falls asleep at like 7pm after days of general insomnia
  • Everyone: securely certain that the next several weeks will follow this pattern


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