Story of Our Store: Make Mommie Dearest Proud

This series will explore some of the works in our store, Sneer1Imports. We wanted to tell the stories behind the designs and illustrations. Some have long histories, some were funny suggestions, and others were favors. Please join us on a journey of love, sneers, pens, and art!


This design is great as a card or spiral notebook and as one amazing customer has shown us, apparently is just the most perfect onesie available for babies. We love you, customer. We also happen to think it’s a cute tote bag, if you want to be more chill about it.


If you’re not fortunate enough to now know already what this is referring to, it is from the movie, Mommie Dearest. You can see this classic, infamous scene right here.

I saw this movie many years ago. My mother is nothing like this portrayal, of course, and neither is Amandoll’s. But the movie is a classic and like many others, we just love it. So does my mom! This image was drawn one day just as a Mothers’ Day themed image for our Facebook page, which is why it doesn’t have a transparent background and is fairly small. You never know what to expect when it comes to some of our products’ popularity. Woops!

We decided to make light of Mother’s Day and this drawing, because we love our mommas so much. If there were a hint of them thinking that we thought they were cruel monsters, this probably would not exist in our store. We also, of course, do not condone beating your children, at all. But hey, what a great fucking terrifying scene.

Make Mommie Dearest Proud by Amanda Wood

We decided to honor Joan’s slandered memory in a tasteful, understated way that involves the sort of threat that we assume probably every mother harbors, deep in her beleaguered, tired heart. Whether or not this wire hanger thing really even happened doesn’t actually matter. It was in a terrible movie, and that’s all that we care about!

And as you can see, it’s a hot commodity:

Mommie Dearest RedBubble Comment

So if you want to show your mom that you both care, and don’t take things seriously, this is the design for you!


Make Mommie Dearest Proud by Amanda Wood


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