TarotScopes: April Chill

Well… the world has certainly changed in a wee bit of time. Things that were so important before barely make our priority list. We are struggling to maintain a sense of normalcy and feeling a bit guilty for actually enjoying our quarantine. It’s just a matter of making the best of a tough situation.

On the 7th, we have a Full Moon in Libra so we can put to rest some relationship issues once and for all and enjoy a bit of harmony. On the 11th Mercury (planet of communication) enters Aries so we can anticipate some rushed conversation and people wishing we would get to the point already. We must be careful not to give others the impression that there is no time for pleasantries. Come the 27th when Mercury goes into Taurus, we have quite the change in communication style. You will find people taking forever to arrive at a decision and telling you what is weighing heavy on their hearts twenty nine times. Once we make our minds up, we will dig in our heels. Everyone seems very careful with what they say. Taurus season starts on the 20th, so expect people to be really attached to their things and habits. It is a great time to do grounding nature things like walking barefoot in the grass or gardening. The New Moon in Taurus on the 22nd gives us a new start in matters of love and commitments. Do something very self-care oriented that is both gentle and nurturing.

The 8 of Swords upright is coming in for most signs. This seems obvious to me that it has to do with the restrictive and mysterious circumstances we are all facing right now with this virus situation. It is a rather difficult time for most. Seemingly unfortunate things will pile up if we don’t remind ourselves of the silver lining. We must be vigilant and hold ourselves accountable to not let things get out of hand. 

These Tarotscopes are put together using astrological knowledge and Tarot. Pay special attention to your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. Feel free to connect with me on my FB business page Tarot By Tonyana or email libratarot@hotmail.com if you would like to book a phone session. Let’s see what April has in store for us…

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Week 1: Some Aries are opening up better relationships with maternal figures whether they be living or passed on. Any arguments or misunderstandings are being settled. Your prayers for there to be peace between you are answered and you won’t doubt it now. 
Week 2: Expect others personalities to be softer and more cooperative than usual. You can trust the environment and circumstances you find yourself in. There is so much healing being done right now.
Week 3: Any disputes you find yourself in should be water under the bridge come Summer. Don’t let anything dampen your spirits for too long. There is only one of you and no one can or should dim your shine for any length of time. If they can’t lift you up and root you on… you must live your life authentically with or without their blessing.
Week 4: You feel very responsible for others.  It may restrict you from moving forward. You must remember that even though we reincarnate you still must live like you only have one life.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Week 1: It may seem like you have reached the end of your rope or that time and resources are running out. You must see what you are going through as a transformation and not an end to anything. See yourself as a vital piece of the puzzle and don’t give up.
Week 2: Take every opportunity to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D sunshine this week. It will pick up your mood considerably. It will give you strength to keep going. These times have hit you kind of hard.
Week 3: Many of you will find the outdoors as a way of communing with the Universe. Being in nature is your personal intimate way of worship. Make sure to spend time in solitude and introspection. 
Week 4: Some of you may take up a practice that only you know about in order to regain your spark and zest for life. Others may comment that you look more lively, though you know there is much more healing to be done of an emotional nature. You are meant to thrive in this life — not merely to exist.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

Week 1: You aren’t exactly where you want to be in life, but you are enjoying the process. Everyone is watching you to figure out the best way to respond to these trying times. You are laying the groundwork for a stellar Summer!
Week 2: Things are really beginning to materialize but honestly this is only the beginning. Show off your skills dramatically this week. The spotlight is on you and everyone adores your work.
Week 3: Use all the positive attention you are receiving as a way to provide for yourself and the people dear to you. Ride this wave for all it is worth! People may treat you special, but you mustn’t allow the applause to go to your head.
Week 4: Competitors are shocked at the ground you have covered in such a short time and against such odds. You have a knack for coming out ahead. Make sure to even be kind to those that have done you dirty before you were such a big shot on the scene.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Week 1: Being a role model and inspiration for others can be a lonely place sometimes. Just remember that you a setting the stage for others to stand up for their convictions too. Focus on being brave now and enjoy being liked later.
Week 2: Some of you may be dealing with a pets passing or debating about how long to hold out for a miracle. You just love so deeply that it is hard to let go. Other loved ones may think you dramatic, but they just don’t understand your depth of feeling. 
Week 3: You are very aware of how alone and misunderstood you are — this is a pity, but you must press on. Things only APPEAR dark at the moment. Sometimes things need to be destroyed in order to be rebuilt on a more solid foundation.
Week 4: Some Cancers may be dealing with so much anxiety that it may be sapping their sexual health too. So much uncertainty has mounted up that it is hard for you to trust even those closest. At these times, we must focus on our spirituality and go inward so we can open up to people we love when we emerge from our retreats.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Week 1: Be very alert to the messages you are hearing clairaudiently this week. You are being guided, if you will only listen. Also, pay attention to the law of three. If you get three symbols throughout the day, you cannot deny the message. This is how you will take care of yourself and loved ones during these uncertain times.
Week 2: You are definitely a force to be reckoned with and no one is gonna shove people you care about around and get away with it. Wear more red, orange, and pink this week to lend to your power. You aren’t trying to stir up trouble… but you sure will defend what is right!
Week 3: It is a risk to stand up for justice, but no one does it with quite as much style as yourself. Protecting your interests is the only priority right now. It just seems like a formidable foe has arrived on the scene and you ought not waste time with pleasantries.
Week 4: You will instinctively know a no-nonsense way that leads straight to what you want. A battle may have to ensue to get there, but you are a feisty sort. Your enthusiasm will take you far.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Week 1: People from your past come out of the woodwork to rattle your chains. It is almost like you are being bullied and set up. I feel like you may have to confront these trouble-makers once and for all. 
Week 2: Don’t lose your head and go an unnecessary next level with something. It would be unwise to go into something with all barrels blazing. I just feel like your temper is quite a force right now and rationality is the best way to go. 
Week 3: Many of you may be breaking out in stress acne, hives, or rashes when having to deal with certain people. It seems that you can’t take a step forward without bumping heads with another that is hellbent on standing in your way. I feel that some of you have quite a bit of sexual energy that needs to be released so that you can come at these problems from a more relaxed perspective.
Week 4: You are quite the emotional sort these days… and not of the good variety. Circumstances have made you stare your unhappiness right in the eyes. This is not the life you had planned out for yourself. Passion is a necessary ingredient to a healthy life.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Week 1: I feel that some Libras are in relationships where one or both partners may be holding back somehow. I feel in an effort to keep the peace, some white lies may have been told that are coming back to haunt. This situation may need healing in order to continue.
Week 2: Others may be standing in the way of relationship bliss because they question whether you two have what it takes to withstand the storm. Stay focused on what you want and persevere… it is a challenge to be sure. Old stuff may be being dredged up and if this is to continue that needs to stop NOW. Just own up to your part you played in things.
Week 3: Luckily, the hardest parts are over and things should start looking up from here on out. If you were brave and faced your fears head on… there is a reward for you! Plans will be put into place that will make next month especially enjoyable.
Week 4: There is so much good headed your way this week! Your talents and gifts are being promoted by others that believe in you. There is so much of you emerging that is only scratching the surface of your capabilities. Those that sung your praises saw these abilities in you all along!

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Week 1: It is taking an awful long time for things to get moving, it seems. A situation is still very toxic and there cannot be much progress expected until it clears up. This whole thing has made you a bit more weepy and emotional lately.
Week 2: Something may trip you up this week and stunt you even further. It seems like someone reads into something you say in a completely different way than you meant it. Because of this, they may withdraw their support.
Week 3: Finally you get credit and applause for all your good efforts! You are quite aware that you have been encouraged and praised by others and intend to give them some props too. When you win, we all win.
Week 4: There will need to be some forgiveness on the romance front. You need each other and some things are just silly to hold onto. Destiny will keep bringing you together, so you may as well find a way to make this work.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Week 1: You are itching to make a big splash, but you must lie low at the moment. People don’t seem to be very receptive to your message. You are definitely receiving clairvoyant impressions on the best way to proceed, but don’t expect others to just blindly follow your good advice.
Week 2: It is both a blessing and a curse that you know exactly where things are headed. Something big is missing from your life and now you are feeling that void more than ever. You are putting up a pleasant façade, but nothing is what it seems right now.
Week 3: Some of you may not be experiencing the type of results you had hoped for by now. You were hoping for a better hurrah or sign off, but life’s events kind of shit all over that possibility. There is this surreal feeling like a part of your life that was so important may have never really existed at all.
Week 4: You may just have to shuck a plan altogether and stick a fork in it. The world may no longer need or embrace the dream you once had. It may seem hopeless, but it just means a trip back to the drawing board.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Week 1: You may have to sit still and accept where you are right now, even though it may break your heart to do so. Wait for this shitstorm to pass you by. Allow things to dissolve out without your efforts or meddling. Just allow yourself to veg out already!
Week 2: If you give anyone any money, give with no strings because you won’t get repaid. Any illness or symptoms you experience may not be diagnosed correctly, so look into things further. Just accept that now is not the right time for strides.
Week 3: Some Capricorns are applying for new work. What a time for a job search! You may get offers only to have them rescinded or learn the hard way that there is a catch.
Week 4: You are feeling more alive and passionate than you have been in a long time. It is important that you keep yourself in check with the times. Don’t act in such an impulsive way and expect others to be gung ho as you are. 

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 19)

Week 1: You are getting super restless and a bit stir crazy. If you simply must be out and about, make sure to comply with the necessary precautions. Now is not the time to be a rebel. Maybe just sleep out under the stars for a night.
Week 2:  Please remember that you are a powerful being and if you choose to experience frustrations, that is exactly what you will get! Use delays to your benefit. It’s just that you feel so empty inside with lack of social outlets and love from the public eye. You feel guilty for being so whiny about all this.
Week 3: Use your sleep differently now. Start keeping a dream journal and sleep with worry dolls under your pillow to carry your woes away during slumber. Just let your cares float away. Worry never changes an outcome for the better anyhow.
Week 4: It becomes your personal mission to receive justice for a wrong doing. This may have to do with a malpractice type thing, or someone with lots of stroke using their power in a shady way. Some of you may choose to go silent, but one more misstep and all hell is gonna break loose.

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)

Week 1: You don’t trust your own judgment anymore so you just gonna let the chips fall where they may. Some of the choices you’ve made as of late have blown up in your face anyhow so it’s best just to ride this wave hell or high water. It is an act of faith to do so, but you got to be all “Jesus take the wheel” at this point.
Week 2: Do know that if you were to start a journal or do anything you wouldn’t want others to nose into… right now people wouldn’t be able to resist. It would be best instead to keep articles or pin things of interest that mean something that you will be able to decipher later. Schedule some time for writing fiction or short stories. This is a part of you that has slept for too long.
Week 3: You may want to start an art diary or get one of those adult coloring books with mandalas. In this way you can zone out enough to receive loving messages from Spirit. This is an enjoyable practice that you will likely choose to turn to in the future to figure things out.
Week 4: A dramatic change happens this week! You undergo a rebirth of sorts. This is a whole new era that is being ushered in and if you trust yourself enough, you can be a leading force in this spiritual revolution.

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