TarotScopes: Descend Into December

This has been a holiday season like none other, huh? For a good part of December, the Sun will be in Sagittarius, so expect that people will be blunter than usual. And with Mercury in Sag too, expect the honesty level to get almost brutal. It is really in our best interest to choose our words wisely right now. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 14th will mark a very special day indeed. It is an opportunity to close the door on some rough patches and start anew in a big way. It harbors so much hope for the future! Venus in Scorpio until the 15th will keep things very real in love and finances, and passes the torch to Sagittarius which will have us itching for changes in those areas. December 21st is a big deal of course because of the Solstice… and then there’s that Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which happens only every 20 years. So basically expect some big changes happening in the world because those planets will be in Aquarius (something that hasn’t occurred in 200 years) and that loves to shake things up. The Full Moon in nurturing Cancer will give us all a big hug to let us know that it is okay to accept what can’t be anymore and embrace what is coming.

As I write this, I get that same “OH SHIT!” feeling of when I jumped off a ledge while ziplining. Fear of heights is something that only nabbed me during adulthood. I knew I was securely fastened in that harness, but what if…? That sums up my feelings on December 2020. 

The Reversed Page of Wands is coming in for most signs. This makes me feel like there will be some roadblocks ahead. Some launches may fall short. Things don’t happen quite how you expect or hope. Instead of being a superstar we may feel like just another cog in the wheel. It’s the end of a very rough year. Give yourself a break. Remember baby steps can lead to a stride!

These Tarotscopes are put together using astrological knowledge and Tarot. Pay special attention to your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. Feel free to connect with me on my FB business page Tarot By Tonyana or email libratarot@hotmail.com if you would like to book a phone or video session.

Let’s see what December has in store for us….

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Week 1: You are shocked by some news this week. Computers and devices may shut down. It could put an inconvenient freeze on accounts.
Week 2: Gossip is heard, but please give the benefit of a doubt. Someone is just trying to rattle your bones. Don’t let your reactions give too much of your own feelings away.
Week 3: Stay out of a line of fire. Someone has been jealous of you from the get go and will use any excuse to bring you down. Watch out for those who want what is yours.
Week 4: Get out while the getting is good. This may have to do with any new connections you have been on the fence about. You may have to be the first to admit it was a bad idea.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Week 1: You end up thinking a bit differently about someone this week. Conditions have changed. You look back and conclude that maybe people were trying not to hurt one another’s feelings.
Week 2: There may be some funny things happening within your accounts. Credit limits may be another thing to be mindful of. Your money may be being withheld for whatever reason.
Week 3: You may have to deal with a bad review or evaluation. To avoid this, make sure that you are clear about the details. Even if it seems like overkill… triple check.
Week 4: A marketing campaign draws you in. You just believe in a product or service so much, you may want to become a bigger part of it. This has success spelled all over it!

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 19)

Week 1: People that appear in your life this week is pure kismet. They will bend over backwards to help you out. It pays to know the right people.
Week 2: Those coupled may be shocked to learn that others may perceive you as controlling to your partner. Be more mindful of how you are coming off to others. Make sure to address your behavior if you deem yourself overbearing.
Week 3: No reason to worry yourself sick over money just for the hell of it. Everything will work itself out. What you have been waiting on will come through.
Week 4: You may finally have the funds you need to take care of something. What a relief! Make sure you repay any debts first.

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)

Week 1: You overcome a distance in an intimate relationship. By accepting the necessity of having to let something go, it makes room for more love to grow. Stay positive!
Week 2: It is very important that you don’t react in a petty way to something you view as a personal affront. The Solar Eclipse will play a special role here. Just decide to see the situation in a loving light instead of holding onto things that make you feel bad.
Week 3: Changes you weren’t able to implement in the past are possible now. Major transformations are about to happen with little or no effort from you. People are about to see you as the force you are.
Week 4: Try to be extra sensitive towards someone who is grieving and has been for years. You may have a very different way of looking at death. Please know that we all process these types of things differently.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Week 1: Be extra smart this week and wear shoes that offer a bit of ankle and appropriate arch support. That little tip right there can make you a lot less grouchy. You are a very trustworthy person and people are taking notice of that.
Week 2: Don’t bother with superficial things. Manage your emotions by not letting silly details ruin an otherwise beautiful occasion. Be rational.
Week 3: You have a sense of duty to a child or someone you have watched grow up. This person looks at you as someone who can keep going in the face of anything. Release your need to control this person’s choices.
Week 4: If you fail to see power as vulnerability and push your weight around instead, the last week of 2020 can really knock the wind from your sails. The only thing you can control is yourself and how you choose to perceive and respond. It is important to hold yourself accountable and not try to blame things on something external.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Week 1: You may be feeling a bit hot under the collar because you feel like you are being watched closely and it will require you to be quick on your feet. Anyone looking over your shoulder will make you very snappy and paranoid. It may just be someone shadowing you. See yourself as a fascinating mentor instead of noiding out about a possible nark.
Week 2: You want life to be consistent and stable… but it just isn’t. In fact, change is the only thing you can count on. People are bound to disappoint and you can’t let that ruin your flow.
Week 3: Announce that you simply release expectations about outcomes and instead accept any good The Universe wants to anoint you with. You will be amazed at what appears when you get out of your own way. Some positively new and exciting things are about to transpire!
Week 4: You try not to put a bunch of hype into the New Year, but you are feeling that magic is bubbling under the surface this time. This is about to get amazing! Believe it when you see it.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

Week 1: Be mindful not to let the temper get the best and lash out at another. You definitely need to release some steam though. Don’t do or say anything that you will regret later. 
Week 2: There is quite a bit of fear that you have been harboring about something getting out. Maybe it is just time that they hear it right from the horse’s mouth? This way there is no room for things to get distorted.
Week 3: Make your own rules. Go ahead and assume the leadership position now. No one else could do a better job.
Week 4: Do make sure to get the necessary training or education for a role, so you feel qualified and worthy to serve. This way you don’t develop imposter syndrome. You are a strong contender and it is high time you see yourself as such!

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Week 1: You are looking back at your past and appreciating how all those challenges have made you so strong. Keep being grateful because it allows you to really tap into your power. Others are looking out for you because they think you are just so… precious.
Week 2: You may have an affinity for jazz way more than usual. A Gemini will want to turn you onto some great music and you just have a good feeling about them. It would also behoove you to carry or wear a citrine crystal for a bit to bring in prospects.
Week 3: A family member’s anxiety may be getting a bit excessive. They are having a tough time verbalizing their feelings. This person is just so brilliant and you think it a shame that they are held back by worry.
Week 4: Some of you are quite witchy in your own way. This may be the time to put your power to the test! You are creative enough to find a technique that caters to what you would like see change.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Week 1: You may want to disperse knowledge of yourself in small morsels or maybe just button your lip around certain people altogether. Do not try to say you read a book when you didn’t or any other tall tales to impress… they will try to challenge you. The truth is, you just want to have lively discourse.
Week 2: It may be in your best interest to block certain people on social media and even hide your friends list. It just seems that when trolls are behind a computer screen they forget how their words and actions can hurt another. These individuals are insecure with themselves in order for them to search you out like this.
Week 3: Make sure to demonstrate patience this week, especially when you are studying or learning a new craft. Don’t go abandoning something just because it isn’t coming easy. You don’t want to earn the reputation of fickleness.
Week 4: Please don’t throw a tantrum in front of another who will lord it over your head until the end of time. You may not think anyone is paying attention but they may document bad behavior somehow. Also be sure that your messages aren’t being screen shot.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Week 1: Make a big deal about getting as many naps in as possible this week. Steer clear of stress. Spend as much time as possible going within and taking it easy.
Week 2: Protect your emotional stability by avoiding drama. Don’t take on any more work than you have already committed to. Work on DIY projects and housework.
Week 3: You may be selling yourself short by playing it small. There’s so many great ideas swimming around in your head but you self sabotage and put so many limits on yourself. Some of you may be putting too much emphasis on your appearance and not seeing how adorable you are.
Week 4: Don’t be too pushy in relationships. Not everyone will be cooperative, but you mustn’t force matters. The holiday season has made you a bit more impatient than usual.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Week 1: Gratitude will really put a turbo boost on golden opportunities coming your way! See the silver lining in everything. Things may not be ideal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself.
Week 2: You are making a point of saying thank you and receiving even more. Be diligent about researching other career opportunities. Your life purpose is kicking in and things are about to change in a great way.
Week 3: The miracle you prayed for is here! Clear the clutter from your life to make room for what you really want. You are having a very spiritually fueled month indeed. 
Week 4: It’s time to get a move on. Each step you take will be lit up along your path. The right mentor will appear to beckon you along the path.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Week 1: Others feel like advocating and promoting you this week. You can actually rely on them to do as promised. They care for you more than you know.
Week 2: Scorpio parents will want to encourage their young to take up creative writing, art, and music. Some of your children may be talking of ghosts and this ought not be disparaged. This will be a way to bond for many years to come.
Week 3: Not so pleasant news about family or domestic issues will need addressing. It may have to deal with the matriarch. She is a very kind woman and you will want to make her as comfortable as possible.
Week 4: The mother, or mother’s side of the family figures prominently. Some of you may be a mother yourself or find out that you (or your partner) are expecting. It will make you think about your own early years and childhood.

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