TarotScopes: July As High As an Elephant’s Eye

July is here and I’m sure with all of these Retrogrades happening this month (six planets retro, to be exact) you are having your share of explosions and not just from the fireworks! It’s a challenge, to say the least. A bit of caution during the first week, if I may… there is a distinct possibility that an unappreciated and ill-timed truth will be spewed out because of an opposition between Mercury and Mars. Considering that Mars is already Retrograde, if you are the offender, you may just wanna duck and cover, hide somewhere till August 27th when it goes direct again. I feel like that is some sort of PSA and you are welcome for it. The second week, on July 9th Venus will go into Virgo, so be prepared for loved ones to be a bit more picky and contrary than usual and maybe catch those tendencies in yourself. Then there is a New Moon on July 12th that is mighty intense with it being in Cancer and all. July 22nd the Sun will enter Leo, so let the superstar in you shine naturally without being confined by expectations or others’ hang ups. Everyone will be talking about it, so I will mention it too… good ol Mercury Retrograde is back to its tricks again from July 25-August 19th. On the 27th we have a Full Moon in Aquarius.


The 10 of Cups upright is coming in for most signs. This makes me think that in spite of all those pesky retrogrades, we get what we really want after all. It will make it all worth the struggle.

As always, consider your Moon and Rising sign in addition to your Sun. What comes through for each sign is general. If you wish to have a more personalized reading, please visit my Etsy shop or message me on my FB page Tarot By Tonyana.

So let’s peer into July…

CANCER (June 21-July 22)


Week 1: Work is taking you away from your loved ones. Try to clear everything out the way do you can get some quality time in. Sure, everything may not go according to plan, but that is part of the fun!
Week 2: When you love someone, you want to tell the world. Someone sure feels mighty special because of all the extra attention you are paying them. People start to see you as a sort of power couple.
Week 3: You may be too quick to dismiss perfectly good ideas and strategies. Start small and work your way up. Don’t get in over your head. You may feel like baby steps are below you at this point, but you need a bit more experience and resources until you make it to that highest rung of the proverbial ladder.
Week 4: It is okay to have a safety net available. This is particularly true for finances this week. You may wanna scrimp and save a bit to get by even if it doesn’t appear necessary. If nothing else, it is always nice to whip those frugality muscles into shape.


LEO (June 23-August 22)


Week 1: You’ve got lots of options before you and pretty much all of them are opening you up to happiness and personal strength. Others’ interests are finally aligning with yours and that takes a load off your back. You have learned the importance of teamwork and partnerships.
Week 2: You come right out and tell the people you admire how you feel and allow yourself to be a bit vulnerable. Meditation will be of the utmost importance this week. You may decide to make a clean sweep of things at your workplace or station to make things flow more efficiently.
Week 3: Clients or work load may be dropping off a bit right now. Somehow though, you will work less and earn more. That sounds like a win, doesn’t it?!!
Week 4: Some Leos may win some sort of first prize. Things involving chance seem to bode well for you this week. You seem to be a money magnet!


VIRGO (August 23-September 22)


Week 1: You may find yourself trying to dig yourself out of what seems to be an impossible financial crunch. Creditors are tracking some of you down. All this will force you to take a cold hard look into what isn’t working anymore.
Week 2: It is imperative that you speak of some reasonable expectations about a team or organization you’re a part of. You may feel like so much of an outsider, you wonder what all your efforts are even leading to. Find your voice and speak up! If you disapprove of some things, say so. You feel like you are being punished by association. This isn’t over reacting. Others’ behaviors are putting stress and undue pressure on you.
Week 3: It’s another challenging week. July sure has been a doozie, huh? Your self-esteem may have taken a few hits. Circumstances are kinda rough, to say the least.
Week 4: Don’t throw in the towel just yet. There’s light at the end of this tunnel! Expect some miracles, but be prepared for hiccups. It’s called mental balance.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22)


Week 1: There seems to be no limit to your creativity and intuition… but therein lies the problem. It is almost painful for you to settle down and focus on one thing and see it all the way through. Maybe be there for a friend who is going through a rough patch so you can be a bit more grateful of your situation with too many options. Get lost in some mindful cleaning. Next week you will have a clearer vision of how to proceed with the big time stuff.
Week 2: Some of you have been working out and oohwee are you sleek and toned! Others can’t help to make flattering comments about your physique. It’s more than looks, though. You are coming to love and feel at ease in your own body. Confidence is sexy baby!
Week 3: You notice some pollution around your neighborhood that is really messing with your Zen. The concern is that it may affect the wildlife. You have a great idea that could just work! Much to your dismay you may find out that similar ideas have been implemented with ho-hum results in other areas. For now make small differences instead of getting yourself all worked up over human ignorance.
Week 4: So you may have a little less money in your bank account than you had hoped. Maybe hold off on living the lap of luxury right now. Get by on little, even if it is just to prove something to yourself.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)


Week 1: Some of you may be ordering business cards to promote your services. The focus is on making more money and advancing your career. This may mean that you may not be able to spend as much time with your hunny as you would like.
Week 2: You may have to agree to disagree when it comes to relationships. Pick your battles this week, there will be plenty to choose from! If you can’t help but to poke the bear, you may wanna just get comfortable sleeping with the dog.
Week 3: This month has certainly been a game changer for you! Values and way of thinking have changing dramatically and along with it, your life. The stuff you wanted last year so badly seems to have lost its appeal. Old dreams are obsolete.
Week 4: Others are envying you pretty hard. You don’t see why since your efforts seem to be putting the big bucks in another’s pockets. They don’t understand the struggle.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)


Week 1: You may find yourself being a bit dismissive with family who seem to be sabotaging your career efforts. Don’t count out a relative that could point you to career advancement though. Try to turn the bossiness down a notch. Also don’t knock the interests of others.
Week 2: It becomes painfully obvious to you how another’s financial state is directly affecting your bottom line. The thing is, the more you allow them to take responsibility, the more you will be pleasantly surprised by their efforts. It won’t come fast, but if you quit saving someone, they will go above and beyond to make you proud. Review bank and credit card statements.
Week 3: You thank your lucky stars that your life isn’t falling apart like everyone elses seems to be. Health will be especially good. Remember prevention is key.
Week 4: If you do at least one Feng Shui cure this week, it will likely be highly successful! It will usher in a money mindset that will get things flowing. Try new things to get your zest for life stirred up.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)


Week 1: It would be a dumb idea to throw caution to the wind when it comes to sun protection this week. Some Caps may be wise to chill in the shade with a cold drink instead. Also, test the waters, literally, before diving into a body of water. I just get a sense to not be too carefree during summertime activities.
Week 2: Emotional intimacy may seem like a good idea, but the truth is, you may be getting in over your head. Something is happening really fast and once you reach that pinnacle, it seems to go downhill fast. It’s very passionate and fiery, but it is likely to fizzle out just as quickly as it began. This won’t stop you because you intend to put your all into this connection. You just feel that this person is a blessing to have around right now, regardless of how much longer they stick around.
Week 3: There is a change in your living situation that makes you a bit sad. It may have to do with kids or you questioning another’s parenting style. Don’t expect your criticisms to be taken as constructive. Be careful of allowing an ex back into your life.
Week 4: A Virgo or Libra may let you down. Also, it seems that your body may betray you in some way. It has a lot to do with the stress of dark, suffocating thought spiraling down in your psyche that directly affects your health.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18)


Week 1: Some of you may be seeing little body changes that worry you a bit, like a few more hairs than usual left on the pillow. This is worth looking into a bit more. Ask someone close if they notice a difference or if you may just be imagining things. Don’t ignore health cues.
Week 2: You may feel a bit forgotten about or overlooked. More was expected from those around you and it may be a bit discouraging. Don’t go into pity party mode. Instead be grateful for those who have unwaveringly shown loyalty and appreciation.
Week 3: You feel big changes are coming on and you can’t help but to feel a bit anxious over it all. Most of the changes will have to do with your love life. The Universe wants to know what you really want in a partner. Maybe communicate this on the Full Moon on the 27th, it’s in your sign!
Week 4: You have come through so much, but you have yet to fully forgive your enemies. Those rivals have moved on and you still feel the hurt. Anyways, now is your opportunity to truly let go or let this old news steal your joy.


PISCES (February 19-March 20)


Week 1: A career move or strategy could prove unfortunate. Make sure you are careful about not duplicating another’s work because you are being watched and maybe judged too harshly. One little slight can blow up and become a big thing.
Week 2: You look back at your life from a decade earlier and are shocked by how different things are now. Happy news comes in that you will want to share with all your besties. A new chapter in your life is starting now.
Week 3: Some people may find your determination and drive a bit too much. If they say no, you will break them down until they give in. It would be wise to keep a journal, you will definitely want to revisit this week. Future generations will find your tales fascinating. When you put your thoughts on paper, magical things transpire. Write down all your ideas too. Also speak your creative thoughts with another ideas person. Some of you may consider learning another language.
Week 4: The Mars Retrograde is definitely doing a number on your emotional reactions. You may find yourself in a position that makes you feel weak. If you are smart you may get this to work in your favor by loyal friends stepping up and fighting your battles for you. This way you can just sit back and watch the shit show. There’s going to be lots of opportunity for love and creative expression this month.


ARIES (March 21-April 19)


Week 1: Things aren’t perfect, but at least you aren’t falling apart like lots of others around you. That high-spirited attitude will keep you youthful and healthy. There is a slight discontent involving the work you do. It’s tolerable and pays ok, but it isn’t exactly your labor of love. That is more evident now than ever.
Week 2: You may not get to work alongside your favorite person because they may have moved onto greener pastures. This may get you thinking that maybe you oughta just hit the road too. You also start thinking that maybe it’s best that you don’t allow yourself to get so close to others.
Week 3: You go through mementos and are so sentimental you want to keep every little thing. Some of you are decluttering for a move, while others entertain the thought of moving. Put your feelers out there and let others know so they can be on the look out too.
Week 4: Someone from your past returns. Stay on your toes around them. This person is a bit intimidating. I feel like they have always been jealous of you and that’s why your guard is up. They may be trying to dig into your life in some way or uncover a secret. Don’t reveal too much to anyone this week.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20)


Week 1: Your reputation may take a hit. Get ready to do some explaining. This has lots to do with a hardship involving a relationship in which you find yourself emotionally connected.
Week 2: Defend yourself. I get the sense that there are at least two people in particular that need to back off. This all will be resolved in your favor, it’s just a pain in the butt.
Week 3: There is an internal conflict going on. I get the sense that creditors are blowing up your phone. Policies are tripping you up. Sometimes you wonder if you are being set up to fail.
Week 4: You may receive a raise or news that your benefits are improving! Hard work is earning you some decent money. Now that there is something actually coming in, you can start chipping away at debts.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20)


Week 1: You have an aching feeling that there is more that is going on than what you are being led to believe. I don’t think you are going to call anyone out on anything though. There are an awful lot of scenarios going on in your head.
Week 2: Each week is seeming more redundant than the next. This is especially true for single male Geminis. You really oughta start manifesting some cool shit.
Week 3: You have been avoiding things. People want to take you out or on a journey and you just keep putting them off. Any flirtations or dates are dismissed maybe a bit prematurely.
Week 4: Make sure you actually glance at your calendar once in awhile. Also, check your mailbox because there are important communications coming in that are time stamped. It may have something to do with your education or work. Handle this immediately. A blonde may have been eyeballing you for awhile and wondering what your status is. They have something to tell you.

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