TarotScopes: Maybe So!

Oh my stars, it’s May already! Time to dust off those picnic baskets and call our mothers. We actually have three planets retrograde this month: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto (yes, in astrology Pluto is still considered a planet). When any planet is retro we are being asked to reflect on some things. Jupiter Retro asks us to process our blessings and show a bit of gratitude. Saturn Retro will want us to reevaluate our direction concerning career. Pluto Retro will make us experience some karma we know we had coming to us and maybe shedding light on are unsavory traits. In spite of all this, I will take this over a Mercury Retrograde any day. This can be a great time to figure some shit out finally!

May 4th is the New Moon in Taurus which is great for planting seeds of growth and change. And then there is a Full Moon in Scorpio on the 18th, which would be good for positive transformation and to speak on some things we kept hidden until now. I know it seems by the looks of it that May will be a bit challenging, but this is a challenge you will want to rise to.

The 3 Of Cups upright is coming in for most signs. I see this as a green light that our talents are being recognized by others. People who want you to shine your light and speak your Truth are gathering and welcoming you. There is a feeling of belonging to something greater than just ourselves… like a movement of sorts.

As always, consider your Moon and Rising sign in addition to your Sun. What comes through for each sign is general. If you wish to have a more personalized reading message me on my FB page Tarot By Tonyana or email libratarot@hotmail.com.   

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Week 1:  Family drama can become a bit too much this week. Use that charm to make dealing with them so much easier. Imagine better things for your loved ones and be determined to see them as blessings instead of problems. See the big picture!
Week 2: Someone asks you not to spill the beans in order to keep the peace. Single Taureans may finally connect with someone on a romantic level that will be hanging out for a long time indeed. Those close will be so glad that this area of your life is looking so promising. This is a very fertile time, so if you aren’t trying to have little ones wear protection.
Week 3: There may be some family time spent at a place of worship or during ceremonies of some sort. You love these people so much! Taurus parents may be happy to find out that they are referred to as the “cool” mom or dad. Others will compliment you on the children you are raising.
Week 4: In the midst of all this great family time in May, be sure not to neglect your work life. Some of you may even be developing a family business and your connection will strengthen more as a result. For once you will know just how to handle your co-workers.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

Week 1: You may find that you have quite a bit of anger and intolerance for stupid people more than ever this week. Be careful, or you may just earn a rep as someone who pushes their weight around. Someone who has been crushing on you may get the impression that you are always this grumpy.
Week 2: It is a dumb move to try to force a situation that is riddled with mistakes. You don’t have to give it up, but you may have to start over. Don’t be relentless in the love department. Focus the first part of the month on producing quality everything, because the last two weeks of May will be about keeping your cool.
Week 3: Be delicate with how you deliver a message to a love prospect. If you have to correct them on some details… tread extra softly. Family may not agree with your choice of who you are trying to blend into their fold. They know you can do much better.
Week 4: Be cautious of how to proceed with a relationship. If a connection doesn’t quite cut it, don’t waste each other’s time. Parents will be happy that you make time and effort to visit.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Week 1: Some of you may be excelling at careers that revolve around children. Others of you may come to find out that you and your person are pregnant. Regardless, most Cancers will find that the kids in their lives are especially good-natured and peaceful this week.
Week 2: While looking after everyone else’s health and diet, you may have neglected your own. Work may increase your hours which only causes you to eat like shit. Family may whine about you not giving them enough attention.
Week 3: You may get insecure about your creativity versus others. There’s really no need to compare. In fact, most people find your creations more relatable. Some Cancer parents may be struggling with there kids going on a trip without them.
Week 4: You may find yourself in an moral dilemma between wanting to protect your environment and having a stunning yard. I will say that compassion for creatures big and small is mighty beautiful. You will find a solution that speaks to both aesthetics and sustainability. THAT is where you’re the most creative!

LEO ( July 23 – Aug 22)

Week 1: Friends may want to get together to do something for the New Moon or just to celebrate. It would be in your best interest to tag along. You are truly grateful for the beautiful connections that you are making in your life. Whatever they suggest, you can rest assure that they are looking out for you.
Week 2: You come into ownership of something this week. You feel like you have arrived! If anyone offers to hand you over the keys… just say yes! You are amazed at just how generous people can actually be. The gift arrives right in the nick of time.
Week 3: You regret the responsibilities that come with being in charge of something. Go ahead and acknowledge these feelings. Someone close is a bit perturbed that you haven’t fully embraced your leadership skills.
Week 4: Stay on top of your finances. There’s no reason to show off and buy people’s meals at fancy restaurants. If you give people the impression that money is no object, don’t be surprised when they hit you up to get their selves out of jams.

VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

Week 1: Don’t hesitate to find every excuse to be outdoors this week. Getting your hands in the soil and barefootin’ it on the grass is just what the doctor ordered. It will do wonders for your emotional health. While you’re at it, unplug and take a break from social media.
Week 2: Take a walk and look at all the plants that are coming up and sprouting. Maybe do some Tai Chi  in the yard or patio. Invite a friend over who can appreciate that sort of thing.
Week 3: It would be unproductive to make mountains out of molehills. Please don’t take things so personally. So what if someone is a bit less reliable than normal. We all go through things. Cut them some slack and they may just trust you enough to let you in on what is really going on.
Week 4: Make it a point to show up at any social functions you get invited to this week. You will have so much fun! Come next month, you will be so busy, you will regret not having let your hair down.

LIBRA (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

Week 1: You are taking on more work than what is healthy. There’s such a thing as FOMO and you seem to have caught it! Make time for romance too.
Week 2: Some of you who have been keeping a romance low key may decide to be more exclusive this week. Family will be so happy that you seem to be settling down with a suitable partner. You may have hoped this would remedy a problem, but you just end up feeling stifled.
Week 3: You would do well to begin a practice of mindfulness or read up on how to deal with emotional triggers when they present themselves. Also, there is no shame in having someone to talk with about heavy issues. Career opportunities keep pouring in, but you’d be wise to care for your mental health rather than avoiding it by taking on more projects.
Week 4: People comment about how ambitious and a hard worker you are. Another great prospect is offered, but you’d be wise to suggest a colleague you admire for the job instead. Some of you may be flirting with becoming a workaholic, but that’s not necessarily something to aspire to.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Week 1: It is high time that you stop making choices that leave you feeling like shit. Stop over-indulging in self destructive habits. A hedonistic streak can have real consequences.
Week 2: A romantic partner may want to show some PDA. You take them somewhere to introduce them and they want to let everyone know that you are theirs. There is something to celebrate this week!
Week 3: A partner tells you they simply aren’t ready for what you are asking of them. They have work demands and simply can’t have the constant connection you were hoping for. Try to see this as a plus and not a minus.
Week 4: Don’t force family time on someone who simply isn’t feeling it. They are purposely pushing you away in an effort to become more independent. Focus on your work instead.   

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Week 1: It appears that both you and your person are going through some mighty tough circumstances at the moment and it may be taking its toll on your relationship. Single Sags may do well not to enter into a relationship with a possessive and controlling individual. You won’t tolerate that sorta thing for very long anyhow.
Week 2: Treat yourself to some much needed family time. Make sure not to over eat, but don’t restrict either… everything in moderation. If you pig out, you will regret it.
Week 3: A co-worker may take a decision you have to make too personally. Don’t let chumminess get in the way of success. If they dis you for doing your job, they weren’t your friend to begin with.
Week 4: Limit time with relatives this week. They will want to discuss the news, their ailments, and who died. It is all a bit too much negativity for you to take in right now.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Week 1: It would behoove you to implement a preventive health plan of some kind. Also, have some rainy day money accumulating somewhere. In order to stay out of the line of fire, avoid drama at all costs and lie low for a bit.
Week 2: You will receive justice at work. It is enough to satisfy you for a time. You may receive special treatment or even a paid day off.
Week 3: A client or boss may feel like you aren’t available for them. They have gotten you plenty of referrals and projects, so it would be wise to play up to them. If you do, they may offer to pay for a class or at least point you in the right direction.
Week 4: It would be in your best interest to avoid travel by water this week, especially if it is work-related. You may hear some unpleasant news about a sibling or cousin. Capricorn parents may find out a child is shirking responsibilities or has quit a team.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 19)

Week 1: Things get a bit uncomfortable with family when they try to get a bit too deep into your business.  If you wish it so, the New Moon can be a brand new start to to connecting with relatives and honestly those who love you and just want a place in your life. Something hasn’t been quite right with you and they want you to let them in to help. Will you?
Week 2: You may do something to your home or car that stands out from the rest of the cookie cutters in the neighborhood. Even though you hate to admit it, you are kind of trying to out-cute or out-weird someone. Relax your hold on the title belt in shock value — no one is going to take that away!
Week 3: You are buckling down on adulting matters and intend to hold down the fort just fine. Also, make it a point to choose where or when a date occurs this week. You will no doubt come up with something zany and memorable.
Week 4: Juicy information comes out during a conversation, but make sure your poker face game is strong. After you ream every last detail out… then you can respond with all the delight and awe they had hoped for. You just love the easy communication between you and another!

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)

Week 1: The winds of change are a-blowin’ and they are bringing in a bit of peace of mind and security. It is all because of a decision to put your foot down and not tolerate any more bullshit. Career life is amping up considerably!
Week 2: This week is all about standing your ground in tough conversations. It would bode you well to just say your piece and then remove yourself from a drama altogether. Someone is feeding off any attention they get and unfortunately, it’s of the negative kind. Just stop playing that game.
Week 3: You may be experiencing some type of creative block. The problem is, you have a hard time with not opening up Pandora’s box, and the curiosity of what you are wondering about is keeping you from accomplishing things. That’s unfortunate, because most everything else is looking good if you can just let sleeping dogs lie… but will you?
Week 4: There may be a clash of egos and shit hits the fan this week. When you see people acting so immature and petty, it makes you get a bit more introspective about your own insecurities. It’s nice to have compassion for others… but please don’t be a fool.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Week 1: You may have a sad, wistful type of grey cloud following you and not sure why it has such a hold. It could be that you are constantly moving and not allowing yourself any sensory time really… you haven’t allowed yourself to feel. Calling that cloud sad is even a stretch, it’s more like a callous void of emotions. It’s like you keep busy so you don’t have to face certain things.
Week 2: Money seems to be coming from multiple sources of income all over the place and it really helps you feel more secure. The danger is valuing yourself based on how much you are accumulating. Just because things seem cooshy at the moment, don’t mean that you ought to spend like crazy.
Week 3: You feel safe enough this week to deal with some of those emotions you have been tucking out of sight. A chance to show off or show your ass in a competitive venture occurs. Whatever the outcome, accept it with grace and class. 
Week 4: Interacting with a certain individual can seem like hard work! Enlist a peacemaker that can be the go between for now. I just get the sense that you are constantly taking action awhile the other is all talk and you’d really rather them just get out of the way if all they are doing is filling up a space with dumb words.

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