TarotScopes: September à Gogo

Can you feel the changes that September is bringing? There’s a good chance that the Summer has really transformed and challenged some of the beliefs you had before. Some techniques have been tweaked. Now is the time to use your connections and trust yourself to shine! Get in the game. So on September 5th, we have Mercury moving into Virgo, so expect everyone to be a critic for two weeks. Saturn finally goes direct the next day on the 6th. So now you may find things go a bit smoother and it’s possible to do quality work in less time. The Virgo New Moon on the 9th asks you to take it easy because there will be lots of caring for others soon enough. Mars goes into Aquarius on the 10th so many of us will experience a significant advancement. On the 21st, Mercury goes into Libra and people care less about facts and are fools for flattery. The Aries Full moon is on the 24th and the message is serious that a destructive pattern has to end. The Universe is offering you a chance to close one door so another can open.

sun on

The Sun is coming up for most signs so I get the sense that we are all gonna get a taste of the spotlight here and there. So make sure that you are prepared for all the attention and soak up the accolades.  This has been a long time coming!  What comes through for each sign is general. If you wish to have a more personalized reading, please hit my name in the sidebar which should take you to my Etsy shop or message me on my FB page Tarot By Tonyana.

So let’s get into September…

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)


Week 1: Chances are, last month was pretty brutal for you. The best thing you can do for your loved ones right now is to put yourself first. Sure, you live a life of service, but make sure you are pouring from a full cup. If you put yourself as a priority, this month can be very successful
Week 2: Have a heart to heart with someone. Wear something flattering because you are definitely being checked out. Virgos that work alongside their spouses may find that they are particularly annoyed.
Week 3: Step away from your device and maybe talk to a person in the flesh for a change. This will make a huge difference in how you are received because you come across as a bit snippy through text, no matter how many emoticons you use. It’s time to get out there and be more chummy. Train yourself not to eye roll so much.
Week 4: The most productive thing you could do is take a self-care day.  Neglecting your health, both physical and mental, could be a grave mistake. It’s time to put exercise and fresh air on the top of your priority list.


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)


Week 1: Everyone seems to be biting your rhymes! They don’t compare, so why are you buggin’? Getting all pouty or worse, stomping around, is not a good look. What you have may be imitated but never quite duplicated. Perhaps this is a way to push you out of familiarity.
Week 2: Ok, so your money situation may be a little more skimpy than you had anticipated around this time of September. If you plan on building those savings up again, now is the time to make adjustments to your spending. This will take some getting used to.
Week 3: Some of you may swear you see a ghost or question your sanity this week. Right now it may just appear as a hazy figure but it will start making sense as you open yourself up to seeing forms like that. This is a sort of messenger that has to tell you something important or show you a scene… a projection of yourself, or an astral kind. At any rate, this week has a strong likelihood of you coming to terms with things you try not to see. Your subconscious beckons. Maybe if you would just meditate more there would be no need for you to have these heebeejeebee grandiose productions. Others may just have especially vivid dreams or nightmares.
Week 4: One door closes, another opens. You want your dreams to come true, but you expect everything to go so easy peasy. Where’s the fun in that?!! Welcome to another exciting chapter of your life.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)


Week 1: So there may be this overwhelming pull to do something with your life, but it means sacrifice and hard work… and getting out of that comfort zone. Start keeping a notebook or voice recorder around. You will definitely want to file away those inspired thoughts, antidotes, and channeled messages. Tell one special person whom you know supports you. They will make you walk your talk.
Week 2: You may set up a business meeting or interview and it goes swimmingly. Feel good about telling this person your hopes and expectations so they get a clearer understanding of you. This person will be at the edge of their seat in earnest interest. I really don’t get the sense that this individual wants you to hold back. They appreciate your quirks. Enjoy these successes!
Week 3: My goodness, you are tenacious these days! People will comment on your intense energy and they will feed from it, as you have it in abundance. It is all pretty mind-blowing really considering that not that long ago you felt down for the count. Treasure this September.
Week 4: A work project falls just short of the mark. You hate it when you don’t measure up to quotas or expectations. It may just be that you are a big fish in a small pond now. Much like a precocious kid that acts out in class… this work simply isn’t doing it for you anymore.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)


Week 1: You are experiencing lots of new beginnings this month. A special union or even marriage may be something you are really pushing for. However, it isn’t necessary nor desirable for you to be especially chipper around the object of your affections all the time. Love and light is good, but we both know that you have a dark side that is just as intriguing.
Week 2: News that you have been waiting for has turned into dead air. It is quite possible that something got lost in the shuffle, so maybe follow-up. I just get the sense that there is a bit of disappointment after a time of suspense. You kind of wish you had handled things differently. Hindsight is always 20/20.
Week 3: There will be some abrupt changes this week. You are experiencing quite a connection with someone and it’s getting serious. It’s not like you didn’t want it, it just seems pretty overwhelming in the best of ways.
Week 4: What joy!!! Now you can experience the love of your family and those you care about without things getting so darn messy. Spend more time in open nature. If you can find a stream to dip your toes in, all the better. You measure a great life in experiences, not things. While working on your home, try to get the jobs where the sun gets to tickle your skin a bit.


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)


Week 1: You may find yourself stomping around and making a fuss. Others won’t want to be anywhere near you. Why are you behaving like that anyway? Is it because it helps you see yourself as the furthest thing from a victim? Is it a “I’ll hurt them before they hurt me” kind of deal? The last thing you want is for them to see you struggle or shed a tear, huh? Denying being hurt, doesn’t make it go away. Your eyes tell a story that your words can’t cover up. There is power in being vulnerable.  Give it a whirl.
Week 2: The focus is on your network of people and how you feel about society. I get the sense that you would be wise to up your glamour game to give yourself the confidence you need while you are out and about. Many of you will be attending fundraisers and galas or even going on retreats. You will meet many whose accomplishments and gusto you will admire. There will be a power couple in attendance and it will have you wondering if you can ever have a union quite like that.
Week 3: Be very suspicious of an email received this week. I get the sense that the messenger isn’t who they say they are and will lay the flattery on thick. If there’s a link, for goodness sake, don’t open it. There’s a fishiness in the air.
Week 4: A mistake you made at work may come back to bite you. Now would not be a good time to ask for time off or special treatment. You suspect that someone in particular was especially giddy about pointing out your folly. Ah well, October will be here in no time!


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)


Week 1: Well, you can’t win them all, I guess. Cut your losses and just get out when the getting is good. Being right all the time really doesn’t feel that great anyways. Just let shit go.
Week 2: Help will come from the unlikeliest of people. You are hungry for success and you are losing sight of what inspired you in the first place. Anyways, this unlikely ally will offer you a leg up. They have lots of knowledge actually, they just never have made a big deal about it.
Week 3: You feel so darn restricted! It is partly because vital information is being kept from you and you are afraid of making moves because of that. One reason people aren’t spilling the beans is because they know you harp on details… A LOT. Also, you take things so personally. The fact is, what you don’t know could hurt you. Feeling so in the dark is very uncomfortable.
Week 4: September certainly has been challenging for Aquarius! This week organize your paperwork and stay on top of things. There is a chance that a higher up or an authority figure will want to see proof of something.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)


Week 1: You may be tempted to help a stranger out of a bad predicament. Thing is, let’s be logical, how much can you really do but sympathize? While you are out there being a good Samaritan, make sure you don’t put yourself in any danger in the process.
Week 2: Make sure that you aren’t so busy that you don’t catch the beauty of the changing seasons. You are just too work-oriented these days. It’s wearing you down.
Week 3: Certain “friends” only come around when they need something and leave you hanging any other time. You need to look around and see the ones that you can rely upon and stick with those. A good cry or primal scream could do you a world of good.
Week 4: It feels like this week has hit a turbo booster of some kind! The finish line is within sight. You have developed strong opinions about what and who your obstacles are on the path to success. Many of you may be experiencing problems when dealing with the public. It makes you question your career path somewhat. Your relationships may suffer when you take your frustrations out on loved ones instead of who deserves it.


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)


Week 1: Someone special sure has been making it a habit to stand with you and make the things you care about a priority too. They are an equal, a counterpart, a dear friend. There is a mature understanding between the two of you. This makes you feel loved and happy.
Week 2: Your thoughts have taken a turn for the better these days! Difficulties are now faced with a completely different attitude and perception. Circumstances were seen as mighty restrictive in the past. Running into snags and delays were something that got you down before. Now when things go awry, you ask yourself where that silver lining is. Good for you!
Week 3: This month is having quite an effect. Your values have changed considerably in a short time. Dreams and plans of yesteryear have been replaced by something else. Everything from before seems kind of outgrown and silly now. Life has taken on a different meaning.
Week 4: Group activities may be a bit frustrating because things move at such a rapid pace as to deplete from the experience. You may feel on the outs with a love interest and wonder if you can see it through. There is some type of proof or guarantee that you are waiting for… but that’s not how love works.


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)


Week 1: You aren’t really feeling a particular career path anymore. Just know that if you are considering jumping ship, don’t expect anyone to throw you a life jacket. It’s either sink or swim here.
Week 2: Out with the old to make room for the new. Travel, promotion, and tooting your own horn is the name of the game now. Some of you may be interested in real estate or land properties and willing to invest at this time. At the forefront of your mind though… is love.
Week 3: You are holding space in your life now for something really wonderful to grow. Physical health is one of these things, you desire a certain lifestyle and your body will have to be ready for it. You want a job that pays better. One of the reasons for this is because your expectations for yourself have elevated because you want to feel more of an equal with a love interest. Someone has inspired you to stop limiting yourself.
Week 4: Networking takes a front seat. A perfect business alliance is formed. Also, a friend will be singing your praises which will improve your income quite a bit!


GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)


Week 1: Someone is driving you bonkers because you feel like you have to babysit them or pick up behind constantly. Something has to give! So you are either going to have to just happily accept this or confront them about it once and for all. Grumbling all the time is not productive. This person isn’t a pain in the ass to spite you, after all. You actually quite like them otherwise. Pick your battles.
Week 2: You may need a loan. Only take the bare minimum and if you are gonna carry resentment towards who helps you out… maybe seek out another option. Every little bit will help.
Week 3: Disillusionment may have done a number on you. Something you have been wanting finally materializes and it sure isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. A raise or promotion is actually a bit insulting once you get down to the brass tacks. Work issues invade your sleep.
Week 4: A fresh start! You needed a good week. Something quite fortunate happens. Your sense of adventure makes you fearless about making a big change. Diving right in is the best strategy here.


CANCER (June 21 – July 22)


Week 1: You are finding reasons to whistle while you work and enjoy the service you are providing. Last month taught you a heck of a lot. Your resourcefulness muscles were definitely flexed and you had to be quick about getting daunting tasks done as quickly as possible despite delays. Those with children learned that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You love your work, but you had to be reminded. This week you look back and see how far you and your circle, primarily your family, has come. Kick back a bit and enjoy. Take pleasure in what you achieved! Have gratitude for your blessings.
Week 2: You receive a service this week that is subpar, to put it nicely. The arrangements for a get-together get all mixed-up. It all seems like one disappointment after another.
Week 3: You are trying to fly under the radar. It just frustrates you to no end to have someone constantly peering over your shoulder all up in your business. If you are considering trying to sell someone else’s idea as your own, you may want to rethink that strategy. It is very important that you act as honorably as possible right now.
Week 4: All eyes on you! In order to make money, you gotta spend a little. Some of you may be purchasing a vehicle. While others may put money into the beautification of their homes and businesses. You may throw a party or invite everyone over for a barbecue.


LEO (July 23 – August 22)


Week 1: You are working on things that make you appear strong and competent. Good posture is an excellent place to start. Stance and body language says so much and you are more mindful of that these days. You are telling the world that you are confident!
Week 2: Make sure that all your hard work and effort makes someone else’s bottom line bigger while yours stays the same. Your purpose is to make it a win-win for everyone… that includes you. Someone may be trying to butter you up.
Week 3: You may need to cool your jets! Tie up loose ends before you just tell everyone to shove it. Cover up any trails that may lead to you. If you suspect that someone is out for ya, it’s probably not just paranoia.
Week 4: Further development is pretty vital. Do all you can to protect those who need room to grow, whether that be children, plants, or animals. Sometimes that may require keeping them separate from things or people that don’t always keep the wee ones as a priority. You make it known that you would like to take over a responsibility. This will be a answered prayer and bless you for it!

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