TarotScopes: So Febru-Very

January wasn’t really all that terrible for me, considering Venus and Mercury Retrogrades. Did insecure triggers from the past and people I was hoping never to hear from again pop up? Yes. However, knowing is half the battle with life and I expected as much and was somewhat prepared to meet things with grace. And it ended up being more of a healing reflective time rather than frantic.

February promises to be mighty sweet for the most part. We are still in Aquarius New Moon energy as soon as the month starts, so usher in the weird. Of course there is always that shadow time after retrogrades to contend with but technically we are free of that kinda stuff until April 29th… so it’s go time for most of the next couple of months after Mercury goes direct on the 3rd. Ride all the proverbial waves you can! The Full Moon in Leo happens on the 16th. It would be an excellent day to nip jealous tendencies in the bud or to stop comparing our relationship, ideas, or status with others.

An illustrated rendition of the Rider Waites Tarot Card for the 4 of Pentacles but astrology symbol orbs are all over the scene. It is a man with a crown holding wealth in front of a city, basically.

The 4 of Coins is coming in for most signs. This gives me a sense that finances may be looking up, but love could get tricky. We will need to take the high road and resist greed or keeping everything for ourselves. Some of us will be holding onto grudges from forever ago and just because we finally have a bit of leverage, may decide to use it against someone we are supposed to care about. Not cool. Don’t do that.

These Tarotscopes are put together using astrological knowledge and Tarot. Pay special attention to your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. Feel free to connect with me on my FB business page Tarot By Tonyana or my new website TarotByTonyana dot com if you would like to book a phone session. And also keep in mind that I am a certified Hypnotherapist now and can help you break some self-defeating patterns.

Let’s see how February shapes up…

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 19)

Week 1: Some of you may be feeling stood up or left on the back burner once again. This may be the last straw for a while. You simply won’t tolerate being someone’s afterthought.
Week 2: There is a glimmer of hope this week. You will find that a bit of shaking up has worked to your benefit. Wisdom is gained and you see the beauty of unanswered prayers.
Week 3: Your Faith has been working overtime. The resources or people may not be in your presence at the moment, but you don’t doubt that they will be soon enough. A nap can work miracles.
Week 4: You come into ownership of something. Don’t hold on so tightly that you can’t open your hands to accept even more. It just feels like such a relief to finally have it within your grasp.

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)

Week 1: Your schedule this week may allow more time for a retreat or a nap or two. Take this time to truly process something you haven’t quite healed from. Go within.
Week 2: Be mindful not to get power hungry in a group dynamic. There is no need to shout to be heard. Build your network by being a team player.
Week 3: A text could have lasting repercussions. Those in a committed relationship better think twice before sending a flirty text to another — certainly don’t send a nude. Dig deep as to what gratification you can get by taking such a risk.
Week 4: You thought you had it made once, but things feel so lonely now. Is it really not getting enough attention from others or you neglecting yourself? There is definitely more healing that needs to be done.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Week 1: You may find yourself worrying about the future, but you must align yourself with a higher vibe than that. If you are doubting your connection to Cosmic Consciousness, you will find your day to day interactions with others getting quite tricky indeed. Focus on the common thread and reconnect.
Week 2: Make a date to meet up with someone you’ve been meaning to see. I get the sense that this is a female. You can shed some tears around her and not feel silly but healed instead.
Week 3: You may still be having some trouble with sharing emotions that don’t show as anger. Spending more time outdoors will help you to process and release some things. Nature is strong medicine.
Week 4: Spending more time outside has worked wonders and now you feel a sense of belonging to something larger and beautiful. While you are out and about a wonderful synchronicity takes place. Being at the right place at the right time is pure magick.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Week 1: You may be working so hard that you aren’t getting to enjoy what the season has to offer. Springtime may be more your jam but Winter also has its perks. You just feel more in tune with Spirit when you get some outdoorsy time in all sorts of weather.
Week 2: A beautiful event may happen this week. Parts of it may take place outdoors. Be sure to stay hydrated this week. Your skin will thank you.
Week 3: Some of you may be studying and training yourself to trust your intuition more. You are flowing more easily these days. Try scrying with a black bowl of water or black mirror.
Week 4: Treat yourself to a ritual salt bath as a form of self-love. This oughta really work with your sensitive nature. There may be a confrontation coming up and a nice long soak will help you let the perfect words flow into your psyche to resolve some things.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

Week 1: Some of you may be in need of a new script for lenses or just have fuzzy vision in a conceptual way. Don’t become so skeptical that you shut down possibilities. Doubts can become terribly restrictive. A lot can be accomplished but you gotta find the will to make the necessary moves.
Week 2: You are noticing that everyone doesn’t fight the same fight about the same interests as yourself. Try not to dig your heels in so deep that you can’t be pulled out. Some of you may need to market yourself in a different way or use another approach. This can be a fertile time to learn about your psychic gifts… but this will require you to release the destructive inner narrative in your head.
Week 3: Things aren’t perfect, but that is what makes life interesting! Instead of feeling defeated, embrace the hiccups of how things are going. Don’t wait for the perfect time — the time is now!!!
Week 4: You were hoping to be more charged about changes. Good things are happening but you aren’t all enthusiastic and peppy like you thought you’d be. Now is the time to be a bit more ambitious regardless if you are feeling bubbly or not.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Week 1: Someone you aligned yourself with business-wise isn’t quite up to snuff. This collaboration requires more patience than you can muster. It will likely affect your bottom line.
Week 2: You were hoping for more money in your account by now. So much is possible, but you aren’t sure what the next steps are. Pride may have made you make a rash choice that cast out a sure thing.
Week 3: An unbiased source gives you some answers you may not like hearing. Don’t react just yet. Mull it over a bit.
Week 4: It may be difficult to get others back, and to get them to be involved again. You don’t want it to end. This may be all she wrote.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Week 1: There may be something off-kilter in your love-life. Until there is some communication about what is really going on, things just teeter along. Another’s insecurities aren’t being discussed and this is part of the problem.
Week 2: Your person despises all the attention you seem to be getting from an admirer. Nip this in the bud now, if you don’t want this wedge driven any deeper. You may receive a Valentine from someone other than your lover and that could create … problems.
Week 3: It seems like you are at an impasse this week. You may be receiving the cold shoulder where you used to find warmth. This seems terribly unfair.
Week 4: Some of you may be having dreams where you must be ruthless and no-nonsense. This may be your subconscious reminding you of the need for clearer boundaries all around. Even after you have said “no thanks” someone may still be making advances.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Week 1: Something that you have been counting on arriving through the mail could be lost in transit or arriving a bit late. This is a bit unacceptable! It just seems like the package made unnecessary stops and it gets you thinking of how wasteful systems can be.
Week 2: Be careful if on a boat or near strong currents. Others of you will need to make sure that your savings aren’t being washed away. Someone whose forethought you admire believes you need to see some warning signs concerning how you handle your money.
Week 3: You have noticed that when you choose to be in a good mood, good things tend to happen. Have Faith that if you choose to see the silver lining in every situation, life gets a whole lot easier. Things seem a lot less toxic this week.
Week 4: Expecting good things helps you release needless worry. What pleases you? Focus on that. This is your superpower.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Week 1: You may find yourself pretty stoked about something come Springtime. This will change everything for you. It is worth the investment of time and resources.
Week 2: Don’t allow risk aversion to stand in the way of success. If this thing passes you by, you will kick yourself. This is make it or break it time.
Week 3: You may not be feeling very fulfilled and hyper aware that time is a ticking and there are lots more dreams left to pursue. Goals are piling up and you still need to work up the nerve to approach someone important. If you need to spend a bit of money to refresh the wardrobe to feel more confident… do it. Chances are, you will get a financial break this week that justifies letting it fly a bit. You feel like a winner!
Week 4: Something changes and it challenges in an uncertain way, but be assured you will come out smelling like a rose. What doesn’t work out for another is best case scenario for you. Expect travel snafus and prepare for them.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Week 1: At some point, you are going to have to catch a break or at least some appreciation to get your morale up. The desire for something having to give is super intense. A problem you weren’t expecting at all may come out of the woodwork.
Week 2: A carrot that was dangled at work proves unsubstantial now that it is finally given. Even when you dream, you are on the job. This may not be your forever ideal. Career routine ought not eat up such a big percentage of your pie chart.
Week 3: Watch out for being blindsided. Someone has buttered you up only to toss you to the wolves. Forgive them and yourself for letting things go this long without clear boundaries.
Week 4: Some of you may be going through a mid-life crisis, menopause, or some other thing to usher in your next era. You will get through this too. Try not to make self-depreciating comments. Embrace the change — don’t be defeated by it.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Week 1: You are really disciplining yourself to only give energy to the things you wish to be aligned with. This is why you can trust that everything is going to work out better than good. Now it is just a question of when…
Week 2: Take control of your happiness, no one else can MAKE you feel any sort of way. Don’t put yourself at the mercy of another’s whim. Love yourself thoroughly and never feel unworthy of your ideals again.
Week 3: Be careful not to take an unnecessary risk, just because things have been working out so beautifully lately. Something that you intentionally attempted to usher in during the beginning of the month is now here. You wanted change and golly do you have it now!
Week 4: You may not have the full support of backers to get something off the ground. They don’t seem to be as trusting of the process. Prepare for them to jump ship. You will have to do this without them.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Week 1: An authority figure may seem to be micro-managing and not allowing much creative license at all. Perhaps it is a good time to take up water color to counteract all that stress. Something relaxing like that will help you get back into the flow of what is important.
Week 2: Expectations from others may have you drifting a bit further from the goal as you’d like. Still, pick your battles here. Some are important for a dream to unfold. Even though they seem difficult, they will come through for you in a big way.
Week 3: It is important that you are feeling good and getting enough quality sleep. There are deeper levels working within your dream world that will take you where you want to go in waking life. Don’t worry about surrounding drama. Remain undisturbed.
Week 4: There may be quite a bit of commotion this week. Meditation will certainly come in handy. Trust your inner wisdom to get you through the chaos to clarity.

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