The X-Files Revival: I Want to Believe

If you’ve been living under a rock, you may not have seen the new X-Files teaser trailer.

That’s right, the smoking man is back! Along with Scully and Mulder, everyone’s favorite supernatural crime-fighting duo. Director Skinner is back! Even the original creator is back!

That’s right, Chris Carter, who showed us how great it can be when a creator stays and nurtures the show through its full run (RIP Community), now gets to show us what a proper revival is like. If you love X-Files like we do, you know how important he was to the show, in a way that not all creators are. We salute you Chris Carter!

No word yet on whether the lone gunmen will make an appearance, but here’s hoping.

I Want To Believe by Amanda Wood

See you January 24, 2016, X-Files!

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