TV Walls: Dollissa’s Duty

People often ask me “why did you do that to your walls did you ask for permission?” It’s a loaded question, so I choose my own way to answer. I ARTED it, and my landlord doesn’t care, although I did not ask her first. So here is the story for y’all.

Years ago I requested a series of murals from Amandoll on my apartment walls. I didn’t ask for a set all at once, or for something reasonable. I frequently changed my mind and frequently let her know. Pokémon, Muppet Babies… I wanted it all. But I also felt a strange sense of ownership; I wanted to do it myself.

Of course, I can’t draw very well. The evidence is clear, although I have been improving, by all accounts.

The O.C. on Dollissa's Wall


Some years later I went to an interesting art show where I was volunteering. It was an auction where each work of art started at just $1. It was generous of the artist to put on such an exhibit, and brave, although the results seemed pleasing enough. My volunteering consisted of pouring glasses of wine for people and inviting them to sign up to the mailing list. A few sips in of my own glass, and I put bids on the most enticing pieces, keeping a close eye on counter-bids from my safety of the makeshift bar.

Although I definitely wanted an amazing set of a table and two chairs, I did end up with my absolute favorite piece. I was so sure that I would have been outbid, but here I am, still with this painting:

Common Cavity by Daniel Patrick Helmstetter

I was inspired by the artistry of the creator, Daniel Patrick Helmstetter. I hadn’t seen much text-inspired visual art before then and I found it interesting, unique, and… perfect. I thought back to those murals I wanted, then grabbed the paints I inevitably already had, since I’m a hoarder. I got right to work.

Seinfeld on Dollissa's Wall

I didn’t go about this lightly though. If you’re an avid reader of Sneer Campaign, you may remember that we have somewhere between 7 and 12 calendars and schedules at any given time, just to plan our content (we can’t get into the extent of all of the other day-to-day calendars that we share). Well, art is serious business.

I decided on my rules for a show to make it up to my wall. I only have 12 up, so I’m obviously way behind on those lists. But dedication takes time. And so does watching TV.

Dollissa's Walls

The Rules

  1. I have to love it.
  2. I have to have seen it many times, minimum of 3.
  3. It has to be over.


Oh, and I did get the chairs in the end…

Daniel Patrick Helmstetter


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