Up (With) Schitt’s Creek

Brought to us by the production company started by the father and son duo of Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy, this is the greatest show for us ever to wait three years to rave about. Schitt’s Creek is a sitcom with the absolute most perfect cast which has ever been cast, along with a premise that showcases their best comedic qualities.


If you’ve been wondering where Chris Elliot has been lately, he’s currently the Mayor of Schitt’s Creek, a town named after his own family. Roland Schitt is a well-meaning but abrasive local fella who has roots in Schitt’s Creek, his beloved hometown.

The Rose family, an outrageously wealthy foursome, loses their riches due to the actions of their business manager and the only thing that they have left is… the entire town of Schitt’s Creek. Purchased as a joke gift for his son David, the patriarch Johnny Rose bought the town itself just for a silly quip. They move into some motel rooms and try their best to fit in.


Although the starting plot of this show is pretty familiar, as there are plenty of shows about rich people becoming poor, it really shines in the fish out of water aspect. The Roses don’t just lose their money and stay the same, they become acclimated to Schitt’s Creek. They make friends and get jobs. It’s all very hilarious and just a little bit sweet. The town and its cast of characters lends plenty of fodder for the Roses to work with.

It’s hard to get into why each character is so great, but I’ll try. The characters of the parents, played by creator Eugene Levy and the always-wonderful Catherine O’Hara, are a delightful pair of worrisome adults trying to get their bearings. At the same time, they’re living in a room connected to their children, and watching them flail around, having been rich all their lives as well. Moira Rose (O’Hara) is a dramatic and flamboyant dresser prone to fits of shouting her near-suicidal tendencies. Johnny always seems a bit like he’s drowning in the chaos surrounding him.

The show features three different members of the Levy family. Father Eugene, son Daniel, and daughter Sarah. Sarah Levy plays Twyla, a local diner worker who is sweet but simple. The daughter of the family in the show, Alexis Rose, is played by Annie Murphy. I’ve never seen her in anything before, but she’s a riot. I found myself trying to recreate the faces she makes in my own mirror, because I couldn’t handle it. Three cheers for both sisters, real and imagined.

My personal favorite part is David Schitt. There’s no shortage of articles announcing Daniel Levy or his eyebrows as a sex icon, and I must say that I agree. Not only is he a handsome devil, but his dry sense of humor is impossible not to love. I could watch him sass his parents or torture his sister basically forever, and I have.

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Since we’re late to the party on Schitt’s Creek and there are already 3 seasons, I’m going to direct you immediately to (US) Netflix to watch all three seasons. Watch them right now and don’t come back until you’re done! After all, season 4 starts airing on January 9, 2018.

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