Vision Boarding for Beginners

Making vision boards, or dream boards, is a great way to get your thoughts down and to tell the universe that you are ready for the things you deserve to come your way. Since the new year just started, it’s the perfect time to start to visualize the way you want 2016 to go.

Vision Boarding

It may seem like a daunting task at first to determine your goals, how to represent them, and then create your board. But it’s the fun part, I swear! Just follow our simple directions and you’ll be well on your way to realizing your dreams.


To start, you’ll need some materials: a piece of posterboard or cardboard, scissors, tape or glue, marker, glitter (optional).

Cross Out the Eyes of Your Enemies

First, gather some photographs of your target. If you don’t want to use originals, copy or print some, then cut around the head shape to get rid of any excess. Cross out the eyes violently with a pen. If you have a pen that barely works that probably helps.

Get a Lock of Their Hair

Blood also works. Something from the target’s person or even just something they’ve owned can help you with your goal. I recommend trying to get it without them knowing, but if you’re bold, go big.

Cover the Board in Their Name Written Backwards

Writing down your goals is a great way not just to send your vibes and wishes into the universe, but also to make sure that they’re on your mind and you, consciously or subconsciously, take steps to accomplish them.

Affix the altered photographs and the hair/blood/whatever to the board covered in writing. You can use either glue or tape. The preferred method is to arrange them into a large X pattern.

Punch, Push, or Stab Holes Into the Board

Once everything is attached to the board, start to damage it angrily. You can punch holes in it with your fists or just push holes through with your fingers or a sharp instrument. My personal favorite is a screwdriver.

Set on Fire

Dig a pit outside and make sure it is safe. Try to surround it by rocks and keep a bucket of water nearby to douse anything dangerous. Set the board on fire.

Whisper a Prayer to Your Lord God Satan

Dear Lord Satan, I honor you with this sacrifice and beg of you to diminish this person’s life in some way. Amen.

Vision Boarding


If you can dream it, you can be it!

Sneer Back

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