Vogue-cabulary: P is for Phonus Balonus

Let’s bring back the old slang, and appreciate the slang from then which still occurs now. This edition of Vogue-cabulary will put you in good form if you accidentally transport back to the Interwar period!

Here is a square illustration full of art deco designs in moss green, royal purple, turquoise blue, and salmon pink -- with cadet blue line work. There are two girls talking to each other saying "she is an absolute phonus balonus." There is another lady in the foreground looking over at them like she knows they are talking. In the center of the design is the letter P and below it it says "is for phonus balonus."

Phonus Balonus: A person who is not genuine, or trustworthy. Mock-Latin variant of “phony baloney.” 1930s.

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