Welcome Back!

Welcome back, readers. Welcome back, Sneer Campaign. We kind of unexpectedly had ourselves a robust and hearty summer vacation, just like in our school days! Robuster! Heartier!

But unlike the carefree elementary school summer vacations, we instead had a teenage summer vacation where we are the teens with parents who expect us to pay rent. So instead of fun fun fun we had work toil and torment (and also some fun).

An illustration of Amandoll, Dollissa, Bette Davis' iconic sneering face, and a banner that says "sneer campaign." It is done in the style of Michael Gillette, an artist who did a lot of James Bond Girl illustrations. So Dollissa has purple skin, and is standing all sassy, wearing bright orange-red tropical prints. Amandoll is lying on her stomach along the bottom of the image, head in hand. Her skin is watermelon colored, but she is wearing her usual outfit of blue, lime, pink, and grey striped shirt. She has a cocktail by her arm. Everything seems very "Miami in the 60s or 70s."

What happened since May? Well let me tell you.

A Great Deal of Cryptids: We are inevitably going to be telling you an awful lot about this cryptid racket we cooked up. It involved learning about cryptids, which we had only been passingly familiar with.

Our First Public Event: We also learned a lot about organizing a public event, all by ourselves (with some help from outside sources). It was also a nice experience learning that our chosen Paradise is actually a bunch of pretty nice people. But I don’t want to spoil any future writings, so I’ll leave it at that!

Amandoll Burned OUT: Deeply connected to the previous two items, I managed to work myself into some unhealthy mental states. I produced so much stuff about cryptids that my drawin’ arm almost fell off and my nervous system was so stressed that I made little electric crackle noises whenever I would try to rest. Then I didn’t do a single thing for a whole month. Not a thing. I’ll tell you more about it soon!

Dollissa Went to Germany: What did Dollissa do to combat the after-effects of the strain of almost single-handedly taking care of all of the organizational side of what we did? She chose to relax by traveling by herself to the exotic destination of Berlin! She fed on the jealousy of those she left behind for ten days and returned feeling rejuvenated. She’ll tell you about it soon!

Miscellaneous Fun: We also found time for a birthday party, the second Super Satan Fest, a summer poetry series, and a few little real life dramas with actual people here and there.

Ordinarily we promise that our hiatuses involved new experiences to tell you about and then “never get around to it,” but honestly, we suspected we had written all of the fresh content we ever could. No more new experiences, we would think in our cynical quiet moments. But no. We actually gathered so many things this time.

Now, we just have to make sure that we don’t forget any of it before we write it down for your entertainment!

Sneer Back

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